'I Was Ready To Move House': Two-Metre Long Python Found In Brisbane Family's Toilet

A Brisbane family got quite a shock when they discovered a hissing intruder in their bathroom on Friday night.

Local snake catcher Josh Castle was called to the Tagium home in the city's North, to help the distressed family.

"They were pretty petrified, they don't have snakes in New Zealand," he told 10 daily.

The family's six-year-old daughter London was the first to see the snake and rushed to tell her parents, who at first thought she was lying.

Two-Metre Long Python Found In Brisbane Family's Toilet

"It scared me so I shut the door so fast and then walked down to dad to tell him," London told 10 News First on Saturday.

Dad Rawiri Taoho soon got a fright himself, opening the door to find himself face-to-face with the snake's head.

But the first snake catcher the family called couldn't find a trace of the animal and thought it must have gone back out through the pipes, the family said.

Shortly after, the toilet started blocking when it was flushed, leading the family to call a plumber who dismantled the toilet from the wall and found the snake inside one of the pipes.

"They had a blockage in their toilet so they got a plumber out and he pulled the toilet apart and found out that's why they quickly called me," Castle explained.

Image: Josh Castle

Within about 10 minutes and with a bit of pulling, Castle extracted a live coastal carpet python, measuring around two and a half metres, from the drain.

"Usually snakes are in the back yard and in the roof, it's not that common to be found in the toilet," he said.

Although the snake is non-venomous, bites may cause substantial lacerations or punctures.

"These snakes have over 100 teeth so you don't want to be bitten by it," Castle said.

He later told 10 News First it was difficult to know how long the python might have been in there, but that the animal had been very happy to be released.

The family's toilet is on the second level so it still unclear exactly how the snake got in there. It may have climbed in from a vine in the family's yard or made its way through the pipework.

Speaking to 10 News First of their ordeal, Taoho said he had never seen something that big in real life.

He said he also apologised to London for thinking she had been lying.

"I gave her a big cuddle and said I'm so sorry darling, I thought you were lying to me."

Asked how she felt when her daughter had first told her of the snake, mum Helen Corneby said she was "ready to move house".

"We're from New Zealand, we don't have snakes!" she laughed.



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After freeing the snake, Castle released it back into the wild and said he doesn't think it will end up back in anyone's toilet anytime soon.

"I think he's learnt his lesson," he said.

But the family said, even so, they'll always be checking twice when they go to the loo from now on.