Coles Limits Loo Paper Purchases As Toilet Paper Frenzy Continues

Coles has joined Woolworths in limiting toilet paper roll purchases to four packs per customer, as frenzied shoppers continue to lay store shelves bare across the country.

“To ensure all of our customers have access to toilet paper, a temporary purchase limit of four packs per customer transaction will now apply in-store and online," the supermarket giant said in a statement.

"This will help us maintain stock levels in stores while our suppliers increase local production and our distribution centres increase deliveries."



Shoppers Say They're Panic-Buying Toilet Paper Just Because Everyone Else Is

Trolleys packed full of toilet paper, spray cleaner and long-life milk are flying out of supermarkets -- but people say they're only in a frenzy because everyone else is, not because they're scared of the coronavirus.



Police Called To Dispute In Supermarket Aisle As Toilet Paper Buying Frenzy Escalates

Police have been called to a shopper dispute in a Woolworths supermarket aisle west of Sydney.

The news comes as fears of coronavirus quarantine continue to sweep the nation, with shoppers flocking to supermarkets and chemists to stock up on household staples, including paper products, hand sanitiser and long-life food items.

Government and health officials have urged calm, advising stockpiling goods is not necessary, not community-minded and can negatively impact poorer members of the community -- who can't afford to bulk-buy and may have to do without when shortages hit due to panic-buying --  as well as health workers, who have a heightened need for hygienic supplies like hand sanitiser and face masks, and may not be able to access them.

Coles in Chatswood, on Sydney's Lower North Shore has had its shelves stripped bare. Image: 10 News First

Coles reassured customers it did not anticipate prolonged shortages.

"While there may be some temporary stock shortages, the vast majority of products in our stores and via Coles online remain available for customers," it said. 



Woolies Limits Loo Paper Purchases As Production Ramped Up Amid Panic Buying

Supermarket giant Woolworths has announced limits on the amount of toilet paper customers can purchase as panic buying takes hold over shoppers due to coronavirus fears.



#ToiletPaperGate Continues As Truck Carrying Bog Rolls Bursts Into Flames

A truck loaded with rolls of toilet paper has burst into flames on a Brisbane highway, as shops struggle to keep up with high demand brought on by coronavirus panic.

"We apologise to customers if the product they want is currently out of stock, and our team is working hard to improve availability across the store.”

Toilet paper production in Australia has been ramped up to cope with heightened demand, however thousands of rolls were lost when a truck loaded with toilet paper burst into flames on a Brisbane highway on Wednesday night.

Officers attending the scene said they managed to save half of the precious cargo.