What Jacqui Lambie Would Use In Loo Of Toilet Paper

As well as nicking boxes of tissues she comes across, Jacqui Lambie admits she has an environmentally friendly Plan B in place should she run out of toilet paper.

The Tasmanian Senator has always been a straight-shooter, rarely muzzled by political correctness. And her response to #toiletpapergate --  as a result of COVID-19  panic -- was no different.

Speaking to the Today show on Thursday, Lambie was asked if she had stocked up on toilet paper.

"I noticed you guys have got a box of Kleenex, I'll be taking that with me," she


Senator Jacqui Lambie. Image: Today

But the Senator is not too phased if she runs out tissues either.

"I did come up with a Plan B, I thought because when we first got up here back in Parliament we had no toilet paper. And the thing I had sitting on my desk there was The Australian newspaper," she said. 

"I get that daily and I thought the worst thing I can do is cut strips off that as a Plan B and use that if necessary," Lambie said.

It seems newspapers are becoming an attractive option for use as toilet paper replacements.

On Thursday, NT News printed a special eight page lift out of 'toilet newspaper', in response to the recent toilet paper frenzied buying.

The newspaper has taken the dunny roll crisis into their own hands. Image: NT News

With barely a square to spare, on Wednesday Australian retailers put strict limits on purchases of toilet paper after shoppers stripped shelves in a rush of panic.



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