Brekky Wrap: 'Animal Lover' Who Ran Dog Shelter Found Dead, Partially Eaten

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A British woman who ran a dog shelter in Egypt has been found dead and partially eaten.

It is understood the canines she cared for are responsible for her death only days after Janet Johnstone confessed to running out of food for them.

The 61-year-old was found dead on Friday in her animal sanctuary in Wadi al-Qamar.

Janet Johnstone was an animal lover and had lived in Egypt for 16 years. Image: Facebook

She was discovered with bite wounds to her head, face, neck and legs, according to Britain's The Times. It is believed she died from blood loss.

The publication said at least three of the hundreds of dogs she cared for had blood on their mouths and are now being tested.

Johnstone, a self-confessed animal lover, had lived in Egypt for 16 years and confessed in a Facebook post late last month she had failed to raise enough money for dog food.

Vigils for a slain Brisbane mother and her three children will be held at state parliaments across the nation as campaigners call for more action from governments to curb domestic violence.

Governments must declare a national domestic violence crisis, according to a collective of community groups and victim advocates.

The move follows the murder of Clarke and her children Laianah, Aaliyah and Trey at the hands of Rowan Baxter.

Tarang Chawla


Like Hannah Clarke, My Sister Was Murdered By Her Husband. We Can't Let The System Fail Again

Yet again we are forced to confront the national emergency that is violence against women, as we grieve the loss of Hannah Clarke and her three young children, Aaliyah, Laianah and Trey.

Baxter killed his children and former partner by setting the car they were in alight while Hannah was doing the school run.

Their lives will be honoured at March4Hannah, a series of vigils to be held early on Wednesday including at NSW parliament.

Members from all sides of politics will be asked to meet the campaigners' list of demands, including a push for media outlets to stop portraying violent perpetrators as "good guys pushed too far".

At least 22 people have been killed after a series of powerful tornadoes ripped through Nashville and other parts of Tennessee.

The wild weather flattened buildings, leaving tens of thousands of people without electricity.

The death toll, provided by the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency, may rise given the number of people who remain missing statewide, Governor William Lee said.

A man helps to clean up rubble at the East End United Methodist Church. Image: AAP

Rescue teams are going door to door, searching damaged structures for trapped or injured individuals.

At least 30 people were injured in Nashville, the state capital, and about 48 buildings were destroyed, with many more damaged, Fire Department Director Chief William Swann said.

US President Donald Trump said he would visit Tennessee on Friday.

"Prayers for all of those affected by the devastating tornadoes in Tennessee," he wrote in a Twitter post.

Six more people have tested positive to the coronavirus in NSW, bringing the total number of those infected in the state to 15.

NSW Health is trying to get in touch with passengers who were on five separate flights from Asia in the last week after two men in their 30s, a man in his 50s and two women in their 60s tested positive following their arrival.

The men in their 30s travelled from Iran, the two women flew from Japan and South Korea respectively, and the man in his 50s was returning from Singapore.



Woolies Limits Loo Paper Purchases As Production Ramped Up Amid Panic Buying

Supermarket giant Woolworths has announced limits on the amount of toilet paper customers can purchase as panic buying takes hold over shoppers due to coronavirus fears.

Meanwhile, a woman in her 50s who hasn't been overseas recently has also tested positive to the deadly disease.

And health authorities are advising passengers who sat near a coronavirus-infected woman on a Dubai-to-Sydney flight to immediately isolate themselves at home.

A 500km rain band is set to unleash on capital cities as it moves across Central Australia to the south east cost.

The deluge will provide a welcome relief for drought-stricken areas which could see more rain during the next few days than they have in the entire last year.

Sydney is expected to see up to 15mm of rainfall on Wednesday and up to 20mm on Thursday.

Canberra is also set to soak, with up to 70mm of rainfall forecast for Wednesday and 80mm expected on Thursday.

Melbourne could also experience a decent sprinkling of up to 10mm on Thursday, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

"A major rain event is on our hands. On Wednesday and Thursday, a 500km-wide band of rain will stretch from Alice Springs all the way to Melbourne and Sydney," Sky News Weather meteorologist Rob Sharpe said.

"Our modelling shows the most consistent and widespread rainfall will be straight through the middle of the Murray-Darling Basin."

If so, this would be the best rain the basin has seen since December 2017.

European football clubs have ordered players not to shake hands due to the outbreak of coronavirus.

Newcastle United banned handshakes at training sessions last week, a move that has since been mirrored by fellow Premier League clubs Southampton, West Ham and Wolverhampton.

"Wolves players and staff have been asked to avoid any unnecessary meetings, lunches or other public engagements, and temporarily avoid casual fan interaction such as selfies or autographs," the Wolves said in a statement

Scottish football's governing body has instructed clubs to suspend pre-match and post-match handshakes immediately starting with Tuesday's Edinburgh derby between Hibernian and Hearts.

"The safety of everyone involved in attending or participating in a major football event is our foremost consideration," Scottish FA chief executive Ian Maxwell said.

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