Cheeky People Are Trying To Sell Toilet Paper On Facebook Marketplace Amid Coronavirus Panic

You’ve seen the pictures of shoppers loading up their trolleys with rolls upon rolls of toilet paper – well this is where some of it is ending up.

Some Aussies appear to be reselling toilet paper, hand sanitiser and other products for high prices, in an attempt to profit from coronavirus panic.

Shoppers are using online platforms, such as Facebook Marketplace, to try to sell rolls of toilet paper to those who missed out in store.

Facebook appears to be taking down the listings as they appear.

Bit crappy? Some people have listed toilet paper Facebook Marketplace amid reports of supermarkets selling out. Image: Facebook
Toilet paper is being listed on online marketplaces amid coronavirus panic. Image: Facebook

“Due to the shortness of toilet paper, I have two and a half rolls. I’m selling it for the very cheap price of $150. They won't last,” one person wrote of their listing.

A woman attempted to sell her toilet paper in a WA sellers' group on Tuesday. Image: Facebook

A search for toilet paper on Facebook Marketplace in Sydney showed dozens of listings, some up to $1000 on Tuesday afternoon.

10daily contacted Facebook for comment.



Woolies Limits Loo Paper Purchases As Production Ramped Up Amid Panic Buying

Supermarket giant Woolworths has announced limits on the amount of toilet paper customers can purchase as panic buying takes hold over shoppers due to coronavirus fears.

Earlier today eBay decided to act on a similar issue involving hand sanitiser price hikes on the online marketplace after Aussies attempted to list products for unreasonably high amounts.



Hand Sanitiser Listed On Gumtree, eBay For Up To $200 As Stores Run Out

As Aussies wipe the supermarket shelves clean of hand sanitiser, some have turned to eBay and Gumtree to sell it for unreasonably high prices, in attempts to profit from coronavirus panic.

"eBay does not allow sellers to list items that attempt to capitalise on disaster or tragedy. These listings are in breach of our policy and are in the process of being ended," a spokeswoman told 10 daily.

"We have updated our filters to block listings in breach of our policy and are regularly sweeping the site to remove such items."