Brekky Wrap: Children Found Sleeping In Dumpster About To Be Emptied

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 A garbage truck driver was given the shock of his life when he discovered two children sleeping inside a bin that was about to be emptied.

Dave Pyne, who has been on the job for 16 years, said his "sixth sense" urged him to check the cardboard recycling bin before throwing its contents into the back of his lorry.

The 65-year-old, from Holywell in North Wales, told local media he "couldn't believe" what he saw.

"Inside were two young kids sleeping, a boy and a girl," he explained.

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Pyne said they looked about nine or 10 years old before going on to explain that he woke them up and they were so scared that they ran away.

"I reported it to social services but I never heard anything back," he said.

"Sometimes we find blankets and belongings or fresh food wrappers. I encourage everyone I work with to always check the bin.

"You would never forgive yourself if you didn’t and there was a person inside."

He said a person would be crushed by a blade inside the garbage truck if they were thrown inside.

We just experienced our second hottest summer on record -- only the summer of 2018-19 was hotter -- but welcome rain is on the way for the east coast of Australia.

Ex-cyclone Esther is making its way across the country during the next few days bringing a deluge of rain.

According to Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) senior forecaster Neale Fraser it should reach the north-west of NSW by Thursday morning.

"With that, it's bringing lots of tropical moisture down and plenty of rainfall. The western half of the state, especially, is going to see some really good rainfall figures," he told The ABC.

There will be a sprinkle of light rain about from Tuesday, but it is expected to pick up from Wednesday.

Sydney is forecast to see between 10mm and 25mm of rain on Wednesday and between 15mm and 30mm on Thursday.

Scott Morrison expects the Australian economy will bounce back once the coronavirus crisis is resolved.

The Prime Minister is taking a positive approach heading into a week in which the Reserve Bank is expected to cut interest rates and the latest data is set to show a floundering economy.

The RBA board will meet on Tuesday to consider taking the cash rate below its record low of 0.75 per cent.



WHO Bumps Up Coronavirus Risk To 'Very High' As Six Countries Declare Their First Cases

The World Health Organisation has raised its global coronavirus risk alert from "high" to "very high".

"This is a health crisis, not a financial crisis," Morrison said.

"But it is a health crisis with very significant economic implications. On the other side of this crisis, when the health issues are addressed, there will be a bounce back."

The tourism sector in particular faces losses running into billions of dollars due to the travel ban on Chinese visitors in an attempt to contain COVID-19.

More than 12,000kms of Australia's shoreline is expected to shrink by the end of the century.

According to research published in 'Nature Climate Change', academics expect the shoreline to change after data that tracked our coastline between 1984 and 2015 found a "substantial proportion" of the world's sandy coastline is already eroded.

This is only expected to get worse due to climate change.

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We Need A Climate Action Plan Come Hell Or High Water (Which Are Already Here)

In a matter of days, many Australians have been thrust from one extreme to another -- from bushfires that refuse to be put out, to flooding rain that seemingly won’t stop. It’s a cruel irony.

Now, at least 12,324kms of the nation's famous sandy coast will be threatened with erosion by 2100.

Fairfax reports this is the most of any nation and would equate to about 40 per cent of our beaches.

And if gas emissions continue to climb that number could climb to 15,439kms.

More than 1,000 pigs have been killed after a piggery shed caught fire in Mannum, South Australia.

Authorities were called to the property north of Murray Bridge on Monday afternoon to find the 30-metre by 100-metre shed ablaze with 1,300 pigs trapped inside.

According to the RSPCA SA all but 20 pigs died in the fire but the survivors had to be euthanised.

The fire is thought to have started when a worker was refueling a pressure sprayer with the spark triggering ignition.

Fire investigators are on the scene to confirm the cause of the blaze.

Most of the animals that were lost were piglets.

The head of the World Trade Organisation said he expects the coronavirus epidemic to have a "substantial" impact on the global economy.

"The effects on the global economy are also likely to be substantial and will start to show up in the trade data in the weeks to come," Roberto Azevedo said during a meeting in Geneva.

"For MC-12 (a June ministerial meeting in Kazakhstan) we are proceeding as planned. Should the situation so demand, we will take any necessary action."

The meeting, where member states will seek to clinch deals on agriculture, e-commerce and fisheries subsidies among other topics, is expected to have several thousand participants.



NSW Health Minister Says Aussies Should Stop Shaking Hands To Combat Coronavirus

As Australia confirmed its first cases of person-to-person transmission of coronavirus, the NSW health minister recommended Aussies stop hand-shaking to avoid the virus that's sweeping the globe.

Meanwhile the coronavirus is now spreading much more rapidly outside China than within, leading the world into uncharted territory -- but the outbreak can still be contained, the World Health Organisation said.

Almost nine times as many cases had been reported in the past 24 hours beyond China than inside, WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus explained.

He added that the risk of coronavirus spreading was now very high at a "global level".

Ellyse Perry's T20 World Cup finals campaign is in doubt after she injured her hamstring during Monday's clash with New Zealand.

While Australia's World Cup hopes remain alive after holding off the Kiwis by four runs in a thrilling trans-Tasman, Perry hobbling off Melbourne's Junction Oval with a right hamstring injury.

The superstar all-rounder was already under an injury cloud in the lead-up to Monday's do-or-die game after hurting her hip against Bangladesh last Thursday.

She passed a pre-game fitness test, taking her place in the team to hit a vital 21 runs.

Perry's injury soured an otherwise impressive performance, with Beth Mooney's 60 powering Australia to a formidable total.

The White Ferns fell just short at 7-151.

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