Man 'Caught In Bitter Love Triangle' Stabbed

A nasty love triangle is allegedly the reason a 22-year-old man was stabbed in Haberfield in Sydney's inner-west on Sunday.

The man suffered two stab wounds to the chest, and was found lying in the driveway of the Ambulance Super Station on Sloane Street just after 8pm.

Thankfully, it was shift changeover at the station and there were a number of paramedics on site to treat him.

“Without their quick intervention and assistance, it could have been a lot worse,” Detective Inspector Ian Ryde told reporters.

The victim was then taken to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in a critical condition.

The Granville man has since had surgery on his wounds and is in a stable condition.

NSW Ambulance Inspector Gile Buchanan said he was given the "best chance" given his potentially life-threatening injuries.

Police brief media after a man was stabbed twice in the chest in Haberfield, in Sydney's inner-west. (Image: 10 News First)

Meanwhile, a 22-year-old Horningsea Park man presented himself to Green Valley Police Station and has since been charged with wound person with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and possess ammunition without holding a license.

He will be put before Liverpool Local Court on Tuesday.

Neighbours said it was quite the commotion in the Haberfield Street, with two crime scenes blocking the roads.

“It was chaos really, the whole street was blocked off,” Justin Flack told 10 News First.

“They blocked off the main road, there were ambulances all over the place.”

Witnesses say the victim and the accused were fighting over a woman that lives in the street.