Killer Father Jailed Over Stabbing Murder Of His Daughter

An Adelaide man has been jailed for life for stabbing his 20-year-old daughter to death just metres from the family home in July 2019.

Petrit Lekaj, 49, murdered Sabrina Lekaj as she sat in the passenger seat of her car after the pair had gone to a fast food restaurant. He exploded into a fit of rage because he feared she was partying, using drugs and throwing her life away.

The convicted heroin dealer stabbed his daughter in the abdomen, just 250 metres from their Kidman Park home, before getting into the back seat of the Mercedes where he continued to stab her seven more times.

Sabrina Lekaj was stabbed multiple times as she sat in the passenger seat of her luxury car. Image: 10 News First

He then turned the knife on himself.

When he finally called authorities, who pleaded with him to reveal where he was so they could try and save Sabrina, he simply told them, "No, she is gone."

The father-of-two pleaded guilty to murder in February.

"I continued to stab her because I couldn't stop, I couldn't stop... I was, I couldn't stop," he told police, who later released video evidence of the father's confession.

"How can you... go and behave like that and throw everything away."

After Lekaj pleaded guilty to murdering his daughter, police released video of his confession. Image: 10 News First

His high-achieving daughter was a straight-A student, and many of her classmates were in court on Tuesday as Justice Tish Kelly sentenced him to life behind bars, with a non-parole period of 20 years.

Justice Kelly described the crimes as a “catastrophic breach of (the parental) bond" and told Lekaj it’s “difficult for anyone to fathom how you could’ve done it”.

“In those few moments you simultaneously destroyed your life as well as Sabrina’s. You also changed forever the lives of each member of your family.”

A psychiatrist report released by the court indicates Lekaj was depressed but mentally competent at the time of the murder.

By law Lekaj was allowed up to a 40 percent discount on his sentence for pleading guilty, but Justice Kelly found it would not be appropriate to allow the full amount.

His wife, Sabrina's mother, made no comment as she left court.

Feature image: 10 News First

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