Manufacturer May Freeze Plan To Sell Zooper Doopers In Aussie Vending Machines

There's been a flurry of excitement over a vending machine in north-west Sydney dispensing Zooper Doopers for $1. However the company that makes the ice blocks, says it's against labelling regulations to sell them this way.

On Thursday night, marketing graduate Naseem Hemmati shared a photo of a vending machine selling the iconic summer ice blocks.

"It was super exciting, it’s genius. I love that it has the card payment option too," she told 10 daily.

The vending machine, at Castle Hill Metro station, is selling the frozen treat for $1 --  more than five times the cost when bought in a 24 pack at a supermarket.

"It seems to be new, I only saw it for the first time last night," Hemmati said.

The vending machine was news to Zooper Dooper's manufacturer, Lion,  a leading beverage and food company.

"We are very proud of our iconic Zooper Doopers manufactured at our Smithfield site in Sydney, but we do not sell them as a single unit as they do not have all the mandatory food labelling requirements," a spokesperson told 10 daily.

The company only sell Zooper Doopers in cartons with a total of 24 Zooper Doopers of various flavours.

Whilst we love the passion, we are not behind this particular activation.

The packaging logo says "Buy 'em! Freeze 'em! Share 'em!", and perhaps this was taken too literally.

Food Standards Australia New Zealand is the body that governs food labelling, including stipulating that packaged products like Zooper Doopers are "not for individual sale".

Lion would not comment on what action, if any, would be taken regarding the vending machine.



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