A Third Of Young Aussies Have Stolen Toilet Paper From Work

One-third of young Aussies have swiped toilet paper from their workplace to save money.

The study commissioned by eBay also found young people are typically flushing away about $910 more than they budgeted for when they move out of home, forcing them to live without things like furniture or homewares.

On top of this, it's the ongoing cost of living that is really hurting the hip pocket.

The study of 1000 Australians aged 18-39 found financial stress was driving 35 per cent of people to pinch household items from work - the top items being toilet paper (35 per cent), tea and coffee (34 per cent) and bin bags (24 per cent).

Nearly a third of young Aussies admitted they pinch tea and coffee from their workplace to save cash. Image: Getty

It's not only workplaces Aussies are ransacking for everyday necessities. A huge 75 per cent of people aged 17-24 also admitted to stealing from family members to save money.

“Moving out of home can be costly due to the upfront expenses and purchasing of everyday items. Once you factor in furniture and homewares, as well as the cost of cleaning products, toiletries and keeping your pantry stocked, you can understand why 50 per cent of young people are still living with their parents," eBay Australia's Sophie Onikul said.



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If you're a parent, you know back to school shopping can break the bank.

Those who have flown the nest are becoming increasingly cost-conscious.

Eighty-eight per cent of young Aussies said they hold out for a good deal when stocking up on essential items and stock up when products are on sale.

South Australia appears to be the savviest state, where this number is 93 per cent.

Onikul suggests buyers compare prices for common household items online and well as in-store, to try and find the best deal.