Father's Emotional Reunion With Wife, Kids After They Were Quarantined For Coronavirus

An Adelaide father has been reunited with his wife and two young children after they were caught up in the coronavirus outbreak and forced into quarantine on Christmas Island.

Stanley Yu farewelled his wife Amy and their two children, Benjamin and Louise, for Wuhan just after Christmas -- for what was supposed to be a quick trip to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Seven weeks later, he was finally able to welcome them home.

It's been an intensely stressful time for the young family, who arrived in China just days before the virus broke out.

Once news of the outbreak started to intensify, they tried desperately to change their flights, fearing for their children's health.

Stanley, a medical researcher, became increasingly concerned about the rapid spread of the virus throughout China - but by then, it was impossible to get out.

Pictured: Stanley with his son Benjamin

Reluctantly, they took up the Government's offer to evacuate to Christmas Island on January 2.

After an exhausting 14-hour delay at Wuhan airport, Amy and the two children finally boarded their flight, and arrived at their quarantine base.

"I feel very stressed, especially in the first seven days," Amy told 10 News First upon returning home in Adelaide on Monday night.

"I just worry whether maybe I got symptoms, like a fever or something like that, but it's ok."



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With so many people living in close quarters, the couple feared an outbreak wouldn't be able to be controlled if someone had the disease.

"It turned out to be a good decision. The right decision," said Stanley.

"I just worry for the health facilities there, if someone was infected can they control the whole situation? I just worry about that. But the doctors there are very professional," said Amy.

For her children, aged seven and four, the spontaneous addition to their itinerary simply felt like an adventure.

"They are always happy. They didn't know, they are too young to know this very serious disease - and they made lots of friends on Christmas Island."

The family has praised the work by staff and volunteers on the island to keep them happy and safe.

The family had nothing but praise for the volunteers and staff on the island who assisted them through an anxious time.

"I really trust them. They really support us, and they try their best to help us," said Amy.

Now that the family is back together again, the couple just wants to get back to normal life, including getting Benjamin and Louise back to school as early as Wednesday.

Their holiday might not have gone to plan - but their positive experience on Christmas Island made such an impression, it might just become their next holiday destination.

"Maybe in a few years later we'll organise a group to visit Christmas Island as a trip!" said Amy.

Only hopefully, next time, the whole family will get to go.



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