Brekky Wrap: Teen Raped Young Relative 100 Times Before She Gave Birth In Bathtub

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A teenage boy has confessed to raping his 11-year-old relative before she fell pregnant and gave birth to his baby in a bath tub.

Norvin Leonidas Lopez-Cante was charged with statutory rape, statutory sodomy and incest after police said he confessed to having sex with an 11-year-old family member about 100 times.

Authorities started investigating the case after Lopez-Cante's father, Francisco Javier Gonzalez-Lopez, brought an infant to St. Joseph Hospital in Missouri on Tuesday.

Image: St. Charles PD

Gonzalez-Lopez told police someone left the infant on his front porch.

Police interviewed Gonzalez-Lopez at his home two days later, where he told police the father of the child was his son, Lopez-Cante, and the mother was Lopez-Cante's 11-year-old relative, according to a report by KSDK.

Gonzalez-Lopez claimed he did not know the girl was pregnant or that Lopez-Cante was raping her until she gave birth to the child in their bathtub.

China says its measures have finally slowed the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

Within China, authorities reported 2,009 new coronavirus cases on Sunday, down from more than 2,600 new cases the previous day.

The new cases brought the total infections to 68,500 in mainland China, with 1665 deaths, including 143 reported on Sunday.



Another 70 Coronavirus Cases On Japan Cruise Ship, Total 355

Another 70 people aboard a quarantined cruise ship in Japan have tested positive for the coronavirus, bringing the total to 355 cases, Japanese health minister Katsunobu Kato says.

Outside China, more than 500 cases have been confirmed, mostly of people who travelled from Chinese cities, with five deaths.

Chinese Health Commission spokesman Mi Feng said the slowing rate of new cases was proof that curbs on travel and other drastic measures were having an impact at last.

"The effect of the coronavirus controls is appearing," Mi told reporters.

Mi said the proportion of confirmed cases who were critically ill had fallen to 21.6 per cent on Saturday, from 32.4 per cent on January 27.

Koala deaths have climbed in Adelaide's northeast since the State Government chopped down more than 180 trees in December.

The Adelaide Advertiser reports that many koalas are being hit by vehicles on Golden Grove Road, with 12 deaths in the last fortnight.



Koalified To Help: How Kangaroo Island Koalas Are Recovering Since The Bushfires

For Kangaroo Island's surviving koala population it's a case of 'rescue or let them suffer', and these kind-hearted volunteers are working hard to make sure as many as possible get on the road to recovery.

According to Adelaide and Hills Koala Rescue spokeswoman Cheryl Zampin the group normally only receives one or two calls for koalas for Golden Grove Rd every six months.

But she said since the tree removal program –which is making way for a $20 million road upgrade – fatalities had occurred “much more often”.

The group’s records suggest 33 koalas had been killed on Golden Grove Rd during the past 12 and a half months.

A man has been caught bathing in a sink at a Wendy's restaurant in Michigan, with the incident captured on camera. 

Footage shows the man submerged in soapy water inside one of the industrial sinks normally used to clean kitchen items.

"It feels like a hot tub, I'm just enjoying life," the man can be heard saying.

The video was uploaded to Facebook last week and has garnered many raised eyebrows. It is not known whether the man in the sink is a Wendy's employee but the company said it is taking the incident very seriously.

“We take it very, very seriously. We have already taken the proper steps to make sure something like this never happens again,” the company’s vice president of human resources, Christian Camp, said.

“As soon as we learned of it, which was this morning, we quickly got into action and approached every person that was involved."

Camp said the chain has taken appropriate steps to make sure this doesn't happen again.

A supervisor has been awarded compensation for unfair dismissal after they were fired for reportedly nicknaming a coworker "peanut", pushing a crowbar down a worker’s underpants and using his employees to collect cans so he could cash them in.

News Corp reports the 40-year-old was fired from Safety Barrier Solutions in September last year.

The supervisor allegedly even wrote the word "peanut" on their colleagues' helmet, The Fair Work Commission heard.

Fair Work Commissioner Christopher Platt said the supervisor showed little respect for his colleagues.

“(The supervisor) accepted he had been spoken to about a variety of work issues but contended no warnings had been given to him,” Platt said.

“(The supervisor) accepted that the podgy bar incident was inappropriate but asserted the use of nicknames was okay as no-one complained.”

Platt declared the crowbar incident and making employees collect cans were both valid reasons for dismissal.

But because the supervisor had not been told of the allegations before he was fired, meaning he didn't have the opportunity to respond, his firing was unfair dismissal.

The supervisor was awarded $2500 in compensation.

From cockroaches to bed bugs and spiders, a new report shows Australia's homes have a growing pest problem.

Pest control job numbers jumped by 87 per cent in Western Australia last year, 67 per cent in Victoria, 38 per cent in NSW and South Australia saw a 35 per cent rise, a report claims.

However, rates dropped by seven per cent in Queensland.

There was also a 122 per cent spike in calls for snakes to be removed from properties. Cockroach extermination requests were up by 70 per cent and spider eradication requests rose 67 per cent.



Aussie Homes To Be 'Flooded' With Deadly Spiders After Rain

Aussies are being warned of 'spider showers', with wet weather encouraging an influx of deadly funnel-webs to move into homes.

Pest controller Ruben Valencia told that homeowners and renters need to remain vigilant.

“You want to be keeping your home clean and not leaving food or crumbs out overnight, but you also should be having a fumigation once a year to be sure. You can’t solve the problem forever, there has to be a management approach," he said.

“And no one is immune. I work in some of the most expensive suburbs in Sydney and have seen some of the worst cases there, such as bed bugs, you can imagine.”

Collingwood AFLW player Stacey Livingston has taunted Carlton's Tayla Harris, deeming her "useless" in a post-match interview.

Livingstone was one of the Magpies' best during their 15-point win over Carlton at Ikon Park on Sunday, restricting Harris to one goal while helping herself to 15 disposals.

When asked about her match-up with Harris, Livingstone remarked: "You've just got to stop her in the air. That's her game and if you can do that, she's useless."

But a bemused Blues coach Daniel Harford was having none of that and put Livingstone's brutal assessment down to an adrenaline rush following her great individual performance.

"God love her (Livingstone)," laughed Harford, who used to be a senior assistant with the Magpies women's team.

"Anyone who's watched Tayla play would know that that's not the case - that's borderline garbage.

"To suggest that there's only one element to Tayla's game is fodder."