James Blake Defends Girlfriend Jameela Jamil After She's Accused Of Faking Medical Conditions

The musician leaped to the actress's defense after she was accused of having Munchausen's syndrome by writer and producer Tracie Egan Morrissey.

James Blake took to Twitter on Saturday to speak out against online attacks targeted towards Jameela Jamil, his partner of five years.

After publicly acknowledging a series of medical misfortunes, Jamil, 33, has recently been accused of suffering from Munchausen syndrome.

Munchausen, also known as Factitious disorder imposed on self, sees affected people feign illness or psychological trauma to draw attention, sympathy, or reassurance to themselves.

Writer and producer Tracie Egan Morrissey made these accusations on Instagram on Friday to highlight the numerous illnesses Jamil has claimed to suffer from over the years. In a series of Insta stories, she showed Jamil making various claims or concerns about her health.

This was enough for Blake, 31, to write a public statement detailing Jamil's various conditions and admonishing her detractors.

"It's pretty disgusting to watch the woman I love just be dog piled on every day for such ridiculous things," he said.

"She hasn't sold dangerous products to kids. She hasn't abused anyone. She hasn't funded anything dangerous or brought any deliberate harm to any marginalised group. She's just done her best as an ever learning human, as most of us are, to help other people with her privilege."

Blake said Morrissey was spreading lies about Jamil and pointed out her Patreon account featured more content "so you have to pay her to hear [the stories]".



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"Literally profiting off exploiting and gaslighting a young woman of colour with a chronic illness. Cool," Blake said.

"Again, I merely took screenshots and clips of Jameela’s own quotes, tweets, and interviews, compiled them and showed inconsistencies. So if the 'lies' I’m spreading are literally exact quotes from your girlfriend," Morrissey replied.

Examples of posts regarding Jamil from Morrissey's Instagram stories. Image: Instagram

Jamil responded to Morrissey's posts by calling her a "weirdo stalker" and disputed her accusations by labelling her a "bully".

The Good Place actress has been open about suffering from various food allergies, serious conditions including cancer, being in car crashes and sustaining numerous bee attacks. These ailments reportedly leave her in constant pain.

Jamil has said she talks about her misfortunes in interviews and lengthy social media posts to raise awareness and help others.

Morrissey has since spoken to today about her Munchausen reference.

“The thing is, I don’t know if [Jamil] has Munchausen obviously. I was sort of using Munchausen colloquially as a term for someone who just lies about illnesses or is maybe a hypochondriac, and I probably misspoke about that. I don’t really know if that’s the case,” she said.