Brekky Wrap: Woman Who Spat On Bus Driver's Face In Lengthy Meltdown Avoids Prison

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A Perth woman has avoided jail despite spitting in the face of a bus driver because he failed to stop where she wanted, The West Australian reports.

Rebecca Louise Negri, 26, was also accused of verbally and racially abusing court employees during her trial.

According to the publication, Joondalup Magistrate’s Court was told Negri's “off the charts” reaction, during the incident in August last year, ended in an eight-minute argument with the driver.

Image: Facebook

The driver reportedly asked her to get off several times in Ridgewood, north of Joondalup, but she ignored the request and verbally abused him before spitting in his left eye and on his shoulder.

The incident was reported to police by the driver. Authorities then tracked Negri down via her SmartRider pass.

In what appears to be a terrible case of animal neglect, RSPCA officers in South Australia found four Cavalier King Charles spaniels with rotten teeth and matted fur.

The dogs were all suffering multiple ailments including severely matted and dreadlocked coats, ear and mouth infections, and ingrown nails.

According to the Adelaide Advertiser, the owner pleaded guilty to 13 counts of ill-treating an animal and last week received a three-month suspended prison sentence.

Image: RSPCA

"This is the confronting state our inspectors found these cavaliers in -- but their story doesn't end here. We prosecuted their owner in court and she was convicted of animal ill-treatment," the RSPCA said in a Facebook post.

The discovery was made at a rural property in May last year.

After four months of intensive care the four dogs -- Chase, Maggie, Phoebe, and Holly -- were adopted into new homes.

Australian rose farms have not been damaged by the bushfires, despite claims circulating on social media.

Last month a Facebook post on a page called 'Take Back Australia' claimed: “I recently found out that loads of Australian rose farms have been damaged in the bushfires and that the red roses that most people will order this year for Valentine's Day will be imported."



Roses Are Red But Aussie Growers Are Blue Because You Keep Bloomin' Buying The Wrong Flowers

If you're on the hunt for flowers this Valentine's Day, local growers would like you to share the love with them too -- and buy Australian.

But a Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment spokesman told AAP FactCheck that it was “not aware of any commercial rose growers impacted by the recent bushfires” and it did not expect “a significant increase in rose imports this year compared to previous years”.

Victoria is a major source of Australian-grown fresh-cut flowers, accounting for 30 per cent of the nation’s cut flower production.

Dutch police are on the hunt for a serial letter bomber. 

Two letter-bombs exploded in the Netherlands, one at an ABN Amro bank mail sorting office in Amsterdam, and the other 225km away in a mailroom of Japanese electronics group Ricoh, police say.

Image: Reuters

Police reported no injuries and said they were investigating whether the blasts were linked to a string of letter bombs intercepted in the country since early January.

Dutch news agency ANP said the sender of the letters had demanded payments in bitcoin.

Authorities declined to provide details but confirmed that extortion was among the motives under investigation.

Health authorities in Queensland are investigating a rise in salmonella cases, with 61 confirmed this month alone, the Gold Coast Bulletin reports.

This compares to just 38 known cases in February last year.

Gold Coast Public Health Unit physician Dr Vicki Slinko told the publication that there were 118 confirmed cases of Salmonellosis on the Gold Coast, with 61 of those in February.

There have been 61 confirmed cases of salmonella this month on the Gold Coast. Image: Getty

“There has also been an increase throughout Queensland for the same period. Early investigations are underway.”

Symptoms include fever, headache, diarrhea, stomach pain, nausea, and vomiting.

Older women trying to get pregnant have been offered a glimmer of hope from Queensland researchers.

As part of a study, scientists at the University of Queensland were able to boost the fertility rates in older female mice by using small oral doses of a metabolic compound that reverses the aging process in eggs.

Researchers found the treatment -- which is considered non-invasive --could help maintain or restore the quality and number of eggs.



Men With Fertility Issues Have An Increased Risk Of Prostate Cancer

Men who have had fertility treatment are more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer later in life, a new study has found.

One in four Australian women who undergo IVF treatment are 40 or older, with a larger number of these women, using donated eggs as IVF, not able to improve egg quality.

The team, led by Professor Hayden Homer, concluded eggs lost quality with age due to lower levels of a molecule required to generate energy.

“Quality eggs are essential for pregnancy success because they provide virtually all the building blocks required by an embryo,” Prof Homer said.

Jeff Kennett has confirmed he will end his second stint as Hawthorn's president at the end of the AFL season.

The 71-year-old previously led the Hawks between 2005 and 2011, but returned in 2017 after Richard Garvey resigned from the position.

Following the end of his first stint, Kennett changed the club's constitution so that Hawthorn presidents could serve a maximum of two three-year terms.

A fierce critic of the AFL, Kennett has no intention of bowing out quietly.

In a letter to Hawthorn members published on the club's website on Wednesday night, Kennett blasted AFL football operations boss Steve Hocking.

"It is also pleasing to see that common sense has prevailed at the AFL and we will not be seeing an 'M' added to the name of the male competition in an effort to differentiate between the men and women's competition," Kennett wrote.

"Another stupid suggestion coming from the AFL."

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