Incredible Image Shows Mice Brawling Over A Crumb At Train Station

A photo of two tiny mice squabbling over crumbs on a station in London Underground has won Sam Rowley the people's choice category of Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

The incredible shot captured the epic struggle over food discarded by commuters on a train station platform.

It took  British photographer Sam Rowley almost a whole week to capture the amazing image of the pair duelling it out.

Lying on the floor of the grubby platform while surrounded by drunk passengers under the fluorescent lights, Rowley was able to capture the split-second shot.

"I'm used to lying on the ground and waiting patiently for the perfect photo, but not on a station platform getting stampeded by drunken revellers."

"One moment stands out in particular. I was lying down, snapping away, when out of nowhere there was a man lying on top of me. He immediately apologised and told me he'd thought I was having a heart attack!"

The winning image of Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2019. Image: Yongqing Bao

The photo was selected from a shortlist of 25 images that were culled from 48,000 entries.

The Director of the National History Museum said the image "provides a fascinating glimpse into how wildlife functions in a human-dominated environment."

"This image reminds us that while we may wander past it every day, humans are inherently intertwined with the nature that is on our doorstep. I hope it inspires people to think about and value this relationship more," said Sir Michael Dixon, Director of the National History Museum.

"Losing the Fight" was another entry into the competition. Image: Aaron Gekoski

The overall competition was won last year by Yongqing Bao who captured a Tibetan fox attacking a marmot in China's Qilan Mountains.

Another entry that attracted praise was a photograph of an orangutan donning boxing gloves in Bangkok, Thailand.

The image aimed to highlight the degrading performances the endangered animals are subjected to.

"The shows were temporarily stopped in 2004 due to international pressure, but today the shows continue — twice a day, every day — with hundreds of people paying to watch the orangutans box, dance, play the drums and more," WPY said.

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Rowley said nature can be beneficial for a person's mental health and that even in urban environments everyone "needs to stop and watch mice [and] pigeons."

"Not everyone is lucky enough to see wildlife in the more remote, unspoilt regions of the world. Therefore, we have to appreciate the commoner species, which is what my urban wildlife photography's all about."

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