Latest Coronavirus Evacuees Flight Will Take Aussies To Disused Mining Camp Near Darwin

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has confirmed that Australians stuck in Wuhan will now be flown to a disused mining camp in the Northern Territory, anticipating the Christmas Island may not be able to house all evacuees.

Speaking to reporters on Friday afternoon, Morrison said a back-up plan on Australian soil is now in place.

"We will be moving to the contingency plans for overflow ... we will therefore be using a mining camp facility in the Northern Territory near Darwin," Morrison said.

The PM  is working closely with the state government and local community about the move.

"I want to thank Qantas for their great assistance in pulling that together as well as the Chinese government," he said.

The first Qantas flight evacuated 243 Australian citizens and permanent residents on Monday.  An additional thirty-six Aussies were also flown out of  Wuhan on a NZ-government chartered flight Wednesday.

More Australian evacuees also touched down on Christmas Island on Thursday after being flown out the Chinese epicentre of the outbreak.

The government was forced to come up with other solutions for evacuees, as the quarantine facility set up on Christmas Island gets closer to reaching its 1200-person capacity.



Australia Working Towards Second Evacuation Flight After Coronavirus Outbreak

Australian diplomats are working with Chinese officials to allow another evacuation flight from Wuhan, as coronavirus continues to spread and take more lives.

More to come.