How Robert Irwin Is Helping Queensland Fight Coronavirus

As Queensland's tourism industry begins to feel the impact of bushfires and Coronavirus, a new advertising campaign has been launched featuring Robert Irwin, encouraging people near and far to holiday in "The Sunshine State."

The one-minute ad, which will be used across social media platforms, features tourism operators from across Queensland.

“We need to tell Australians that Queensland remains open for business and we need to encourage them to spend their tourist dollars in our state," Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said.

“Robert Irwin is recognisable the world over and a great ambassador for our state and I’m so glad he’s helping get the message out that Queensland is open for business.”

Irwin opens the video, which appears to be shot on mobile phones, and introduces viewers to a Koala named Milo.

While both Premier Palaszczuk and Tourism Industry Development Minister Kate Jones referred to the international appeal of the Irwin family, they both made it clear that the commercial is aimed at putting Queensland front of mind for Australians looking to book a holiday.

"Why go overseas when we've got all this?" a guide asks while standing on a beach in the Great Barrier Reef.

“We want Aussies to know that they don’t have to go overseas to have a great holiday,” Jones Said.

“Queensland has something for everyone – from our laidback lifestyle to our beaches and amazing food."