Truckie Really Wants His Friends To Believe His Richard Branson Story

For ten years a U.K. truckie has told a tall tale about Sir Richard Branson but not even his friends or family believed him.

Melbourne born Steve Chandler wrote that he's been trying to convince his friends and family for years that his brief encounter with the philanthropist actually happened.

But everyone he has told has found it hard to believe.

Fed up with the lack of faith in his recall, Chandler reached out to Branson himself with the hope that he would also remember their encounter.

"I've always regaled friends and family with a story about the time I picked u up when you were trying to get to London after being stuck in traffic on the M40, this was about 10-years-ago," Chandler tweeted at Branson. 

"No-one believes me, please tell me it was really you #fingerscrossed." 

To his luck, Branson replied and confirmed the story.

He also generously offered him a luxury surprise to repay the gesture.

"Hi Steve. Yes, it was me. Appreciate the lift! Was really late for a critical meeting," Branson replied.

"Would like to return the favour – want a lift with Virgin Atlantic to Miami, then a cruise with Virgin Voyages to say thank you?"

Hundreds of Twitter users praised Branson for acknowledging Chandler and for his generous nature.

"What a lovely man. Your a wonderful influence Richard," one user wrote.

"What a lovely gesture, so nice to see a good deed get recognised without asking," another added. 



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"@richardbranson was never sure if u ran your own Twitter account, guess I know the answer now," Chandler responded. 

It's unclear if Chandler will take up the offer -- but he now has a longer story to tell his sceptical loved ones.

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