Brekky Wrap: Residents Fuming After Neighbour Erects Giant Neon Swastika On Fence

All the news you need to know this Friday morning.

A Darwin resident has sparked outrage after hanging a giant neon swastika from his property's fence.

According to The NT News, the swastika has been on display for a number of weeks on the gate of a property in Stuart Park, one of the city's inner suburbs.

Despite the fact that several furious resident have complained to the council, a Darwin council spokeswoman said they did not have the power to request that the resident take it down.

The incident came to light during the week in which the word commemorated Holocaust Remembrance Day, while marking the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.



75 Years After The Liberation Of Auschwitz, Survivors Return Again

More than 75 years after facing the 'indescribable' horrors of Auschwitz, more than 200 survivors of the most notorious Nazi death camp will return to the site once more. 

The Northern Territory has no anti-vilification laws to force the symbol’s take-down, The NT News reports.

The NT's Anti-Discrimination Commissioner Sally Sievers said the symbol of hatred could cause real harm and is "reprehensible".

Luke McManus


I Visited Auschwitz 75 Years After Its Liberation. What I Saw Left Me Numb.

“Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

“There is a need for widespread community condemnation, police, council and others," she told the publication.

Just last week a Victorian residents were condemned for flying  a Nazi flag over their home. It has since been taken down.

Britain's press watchdog has rejected Prince Harry's complaint over a tabloid news article which said wild animals pictured in photos he posted on Instagram had been drugged and tied up.

Prince Harry posted the images he had taken of African wildlife on his Instagram account to mark Earth Day while highlighting conservation efforts.

But last April the Mail on Sunday newspaper reported that the photos had not revealed the full story. It claimed the animals involved had been tranquilized and that a picture of an elephant in Malawi had been edited so that it was not possible to see there was a rope around its hind legs.

“Drugged and tethered, what Harry didn’t tell you about those awe-inspiring wildlife photos,” read the headline.

One of the images that appeared on The Duke of Sussex's Instagram.

The prince argued the report was inaccurate because it indicated he had intentionally misled the public to think that he was a superior wildlife photographer who had captured the pictures under dangerous circumstances, the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) watchdog said.

Harry said his caption had made clear the animals were being relocated as part of conservation efforts and that the photo had only been edited to meet Instagram’s formatting requirements.

However, the paper said Harry had not explained the circumstances of the photo to his followers and that he had not needed to crop the pictures in the way he had.

IPSO’s complaints committee supported the paper’s argument and rejected Harry’s claim that the article was inaccurate.

The number of tourists visiting Uluru has declined since the closure of the climb.

But Voyagers Indigenous Tourism Australia -- the operator of Ayers Rock Resort -- told News Corp that it is hoping things will pick up again from April.



Uluru Climb Closed Forever After Hundreds Scale Sacred Site For Last Time

Rangers have officially closed the Uluru climb forever, meaning anyone now caught scaling the sacred site could face hefty fines.

The tourism operator also believes the bushfires have influenced the number of visitors.

“We have had a small amount of cancellations associated with guests who have been disrupted in their travel plans by some bushfire affected areas however, the vast majority of bookings are being held at this stage,” the spokesperson told News Corp.

Uluru was closed for climbing on October 26 last year.

Optus has been slugged with its second-largest fine ever after the telecommunications giant continued to spam consumers when they had unsubscribed.

The communications watchdog hit Optus with a $504,000 fine which marks the second-largest fine issued by the Australian Communications and Media Authority, with the largest being a $510,000 fine paid by Telstra in 2014.

Optus was also reportedly busted sending people fake bills with no options to unsubscribe.



Optus Apologises For Publishing Man's Driver's Licence On Website

Optus has been asked to please explain why the telco used a man's expired driver’s licence and personal details on their website without his permission.

The authority's chair Nerida O'Loughlin said on Friday marketers needed to respect people's wishes to unsubscribe.

"Australians find spam infuriating and as a regulator it is something we are actively cracking down on,"  she said.

It is understood Optus will appoint an independent consultant to make sure it was complying with spam laws.

The nation is once again preparing for a day of extreme fire danger.

Firefighters are predicting a 15,000 hectare blaze south of Canberra to creep closer to the capital as temperatures spike and winds increase.

The NSW RFS released a fire spread prediction on Thursday night which showed the fire moving closer to the small village of Tharwa on Friday.

The blaze is currently nine km from the capital's southern outskirts and three km from Tharwa.

In NSW Firefighters are gearing up for the return of hot and dry conditions forecast to elevate bushfire risk across much of the state.

Total fire bans have been declared for the Monaro alpine, southern ranges and southern slopes regions, while "very high" fire danger ratings are in place for much of western and southern NSW.

Victorians have been told it will "feel more like Darwin" in the southern state with increased humidity combining with extreme heat creating a tropical feel.

Damaging winds and dry lightning are expected to raise the fire threat following a week of calmer conditions.

The merry-go-round weather experienced a week ago is set to return, with Melbourne's forecast of 43C predicted to give way to possible flash flooding and muddy rain over the weekend.



Weather Warning: Australia Braces For Scorching Temperatures And Severe Fire Danger

Parts of the country will sweat through temperatures of up to 40 degrees on Friday, with a heatwave sparking severe fire danger across Australia.

A Russian plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Moscow on Thursday after a female passenger stood up in the aisle and threatened to blow herself up.

The airline S7 said the aircraft had been travelling to Moscow from Simferopol in Crimea.

Authorities detained the woman after the plane landed at Domodedovo airport. Police later declared that no explosive device had been found on her.

America's Sofia Kenin has apologised to the Australian public for beating our world number one Ashy Barty in Thursday's Australian Open semi-final.

“I was just fighting. She’s such a tough player,” she said.

“Of course, I’d like to first apologise to all of the Australian fans. I know they wanted her to win. It’s not easy for them. I beat the world number one.

“Yeah, I’m so grateful and so happy. She played such a great match. She’s a really great player.”

Kenin, who has previously never made it passed the Australian Open second round, will meet Spain's Garbiñe Muguruza in the big dance on Saturday.

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