People Are Wearing Plastic Bottles On Their Heads To 'Prevent' Coronavirus

Residents in China are wearing garbage bags and cut-up water bottles over their heads in a bid to avoid being infected, as coronavirus cases explode across the country.

Families were spotted on social media walking through airports with large water bottles covering their faces.

Residents from China were the first to try the bizarre 'prevention measure', with people in Vancouver, Canada quickly following suit.

Vancouver International Airport. Image: Sean Glavin

According to reports, the trend started after there was a lack of medical supplies for Chinese doctors. Staff then began using alternatives.

People were also seen with plastic bags over their heads in the Philippines, while some even took to wearing helmets while travelling.

Image: chenqiushi404

Social media users did not hesitate to mock the new trend.

"I thought I had seen it alll," one user said.

"Forget the masks, just get an empty water jug," another added.

On Tuesday, Australia's chief medical officer Brendan Murphy  urged health practitioners, including doctors and other medical staff who were treating or consulting patients with suspected coronavirus, to wear masks -- however wearing plastic bags and bottles in the absence of masks has not been advised.

Meanwhile, Queensland authorities have confirmed the state's first coronavirus case, bringing Australia's total to seven. Canada identified its first case of coronavirus last week.

There have been more than 4,500 confirmed cases in China, with the death toll spiking overnight to at least 106, with scores more in critical condition.



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