Forget Donation Bins, Now You Can Post Your Pre-Loved Clothes To The Salvos

Aussies can now donate their pre-loved clothes direct to Salvos stores via Australia Post to help support bushfire victims.

Say goodbye to the days of driving round the neighbourhood with a bag of clothes stuffed in your car boot, desperately searching for a clothing donation bin.

The Iconic -- Australia's largest online retailer -- announced Thursday that it would facilitate its customers donating via post to The Salvation Army.

The Salvos assist people dealing with issues from homelessness and domestic violence, as well as providing support to those impacted by the current bushfires.

The Salvos will distribute the donated clothes to its network of 330 stores. Image: Getty

Giving Made Easy works like this:

Step 1: Grab clothes in good condition that you no longer wear. A good test is, ‘would I give this item to a friend?’

Step 2: Place them in any spare satchel or box you have at home. Tip: you can also reuse an Iconic delivery satchel if it's not needed to return a purchase.

Step 3: Download your free shipping label through the Giving Made Easy webpage, stick it on the package and drop it in any Australia Post Red Street Posting Box or Post Office. The package will then be sent to Salvos Stores closest location for sorting and sale.

The Iconic are encouraging their customers to donate unwanted clothing to The Salvos via Australia Post.
The Iconic Customers can download a free shipping label, stick it on their package and drop it in any Australia Post Red Street Posting Box or Post Office. Image: Getty

The Iconic's Jaana Quaintance-James said they had a responsibility to reduce their impact on fashion waste.

Australians discard 23kgs of clothing per person every year.

"That’s a whopping six tonnes of textiles and clothing to landfill in Australia every 10 minutes," she said.

Giving Made Easy offers an easy way to give clothes a second lease on life. Image: Getty



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The initiative is only available for The Iconic’s customers in Australia, with plans to extend it to New Zealand in the near future.

Last week The Iconic also opened two Bushfire Relief Donation Drop-Off Hubs in Sydney to provide long-term support to charity organisations grappling with the inundation of donations for bushfire relief.

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