Cancer Fraud Belle Gibson's Home Raided To Recover Unpaid Fine

Fraudster Belle Gibson's Melbourne home has been raided more than two years after she failed to pay a fine she received for falsely claiming she cured herself of brain cancer.

The sheriff's office raided the 28-year-old's Northcote home on Wednesday and seized items to sell in an effort to recoup the unpaid fine, which was initially $410,000 but has grown to more than half a million dollars with costs and interests.

The Federal Court fined Gibson in 2017 for breaching consumer law when she claimed she had brain cancer but healed herself through diet and alternative therapies, going on to make a profit from her cookbook The Whole Pantry and an app with the same name.

Belle Gibson arrives at the Federal Court in Melbourne, May 14, 2019. Image: AAP

Gibson received $440,500 from sales of her app and book but donated only about $10,000.

"Consumer Affairs Victoria is committed to recovering the debt Ms Gibson owes the Victorian public and will continue to pursue Ms Gibson until it is repaid in full," a spokeswoman told AAP.