Crocodile Euthanised After Cruel Arrow Attack

A crocodile found in Queensland with a metal arrow lodged in its spine and stab marks to its neck has been euthanised.

The 3.5 metre crocodile was pulled from the Johnstone River at Innisfail, south of Cairns, following public concerns last week.

Authorities were able to remove some of the exposed part of the steel arrow but some of its barbed shaft remained embedded against the animal's spine.

Injuries were also found on the crocodile's neck and throat, which indicated it have been stabbed multiple times with a sharp object.

The arrow is also likely to have caused extensive internal injuries and the animal appeared in great discomfort, the department of environment said in a statement.

The animal was euthanised on Tuesday.

The DES is urging anyone with information on the crocodile attack to contact them on 1300 130 372.