Dentist On Hoverboard While Extracting Tooth Found Guilty On 46 Counts

An Alaskan dentist has been convicted of 46 charges after he was filmed standing on a hoverboard while performing dental surgery on a patient.

Seth Lookhart was convicted of 46 misdemeanor counts in Anchorage Superior Court on Friday after he filmed the procedure and sent it to several  people.

The state sued Lookhart back in 2017 under 'unlawful acts', stating his practices did not meet the professional standards of patient care.

Image: CBS 17

Lookhart was also charged with medical assistance fraud for billing Medicaid for procedures that were either unnecessary or not properly justified, and theft of $25,000 or more by diverting funds from Alaska Dental Arts, among dozens of others, according to the CNN.

Patient Veronica Wilhelm did not consent to nor know about the video while sedated. She described the act as 'unprofessional' and 'crazy' in several reports.

Lookhart is expected to be sentenced on April 30.



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