Rush To Rescue Wildlife As Flash Flood Hits Australian Reptile Park

Koalas have been filmed clinging for life while staff at the Australian Reptile Park rushed them to safety during a major flash-flood at the zoo.

The park's staff spent Friday morning rushing to protect both animals and buildings when torrential rain hit the location in Somersby, NSW.

The park's website advised that the tourist attraction had been closed due to flooding after much needed heavy rain.

Staff moving koalas during a flash-flood at the Australian Reptile Park in Somersby, NSW, Friday, January 17. Image: AAP

"This has resulted in flooding and our entry points are not safe for visitors to drive through," the website read.

Staff hope the park, which is located an hour from Sydney and Newcastle, will reopen on Saturday.

It's the first time the park has closed its doors since massive floods hit in June 2007.

The park was flooded on Friday, sparking concerns about some of the more dangerous animals. Image: Supplied
The park was closed on Friday due to flash flooding. Image: Supplied

Footage released on Friday showed staff rushing to relocate animals, sandbagging doorways and sweeping away water.

Australian Reptile Park Director Tim Faulkner said the rainfall was "incredible".

"Just last week, we were having daily meetings to discuss the imminent threat of bushfires, just 8km away from the Park here in Somersby," he said.

A koala before it was moved to a safer enclosure. Image: Supplied

"We’ve had the whole team out there, drenched, acting fast to secure the safety of our animals and defend the Park from the onslaught of water.

"Our quick action with the flooding this morning has allowed us to get the situation under control and we are confident that we will be business as usual tomorrow. We’ll be open and ready to welcome visitors for the rest of the summer school holidays," he said.