Lava's In The Air: Couple Tie The Knot In Front Of Erupting Volcano

A couple decided to get married in the Philippines despite being in front of an explosive backdrop just 10 kilometres away.

They exchanged vows in front of family and friends as the volcano erupted, spewing ash and lava into the sky.

Local authorities issued a warning informing hundreds to flee, but that didn't discourage the pair from tying the knot.

Image: Randolf Evan Photography

Photographer Randolf Evan, who captured the photos, described what it was like to be there as the event unfolded: "We could feel the ash raining on our clothes, but it didn't feel alarming until night time came when it became a bit heavier and mud-like," he told the BBC.

Dramatic photograph of volcano erupting behind the scenes at couple's wedding. Image: Randolf Evan Photography



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Evan shared the photos on social media, leaving users amazed.

"This must be the wedding photo of the decade. Amazingly unique and beautiful. Congratulations to you," one user said.

"Most unique moment I’ve seen all my life. Amazing," another added.

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