WTF Moment Mechanic Shoved Into Oncoming Porsche

The 2020 special edition of Dubai 24 Hours race took an unexpected turn after a lucky escape in pit lane.

A mechanic from No 989 MRS GT-Racing is lucky to be alive after he was pushed into an oncoming  Porsche 991. Video showed the pit crew member waving the Porsche 991 away before an opponent from the No 77 Barwell Motorsport Lamborghini Huracan interjected.

No 77 Barwell Motorsport Lamborghini Huracan was in the middle of its own pit stop when the incident occurred. Image: GTPlaceFB

The Barwell Motorsport team member was in the middle of its own pit stop in the next box when he rushed to get a tyre.

The GT-Racing crew member was allegedly pushed into the rear wing of the Porsche, sending him flying into the air before getting hit by a large rear spoiler and landing on the ground.

Crew member pushes opponent in pit stop at Dubai 24 Hours race. Image: GTPlaceFB

Reports suggest the GT-Racing crew member did not sustain any serious injuries but was taken to the medical centre for minor treatment and shock.

Officials looked into the incident and handed the Barwell Motorsport team a four-minute time penalty.



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