'The Royal Formerly Known As Prince': How The British Press Reacted To 'Megxit'

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex left millions reeling after announcing they would take a step back from royal life and begin living periodically in North America.

Deciding to share their news to the public via Instagram, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reportedly sent the royal family into a spin.

The panic spread far past Westminster, with newsrooms across England scrambling to spread the word.

As Iran and the US stood on the brink of war, the Brits were much more interested in the bombshells exploding inside Buckingham palace.



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The Sun coined it 'Megxit', suggesting the photogenic couple had triggered a "civil war", leaving the Queen "deeply upset" and Harry's fellow princes "incandescent with rage".

The Evening Standard was the only paper to also picture the Queen, looking meek and vulnerable alongside the headline: "Revealed: How Harry 'Defied Queen'".



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"The royal formerly known as Prince" featured on the Daily Star's front page, playing second fiddle to a page three girl in a white bikini.

A photograph of a very elated looking Meghan graced The Daily Telegraph's cover announcing "Harry and Meghan quit the Firm".

But it was Harry looking relieved and jovial over at The Guardian, with arguably the straightest headline: 'Harry and Meghan to ‘step back as senior royals’.

The Independent dared to acknowledge the crisis in US-Iranian relations, but made up for it with a large photograph of the power couple with a decisive "Harry and Meghan leave the family".



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The Daily Mirror and Daily Express honed in on reports the Queen was blindsided.

"They didn't even tell the Queen" and "Royal Family Bombshell - Queen's dismay as Harry and Meghan step back from royal life""

The online coverage was saucy and speculative as it went wild with rumours from unnamed sources -- much of it focused on Meghan's whereabouts.

The Mirror's headline read "Meghan Markle 'flees to Canada' 24 hours after she and Harry quit royal family".

The Daily Mail used file images of Meghan with a suitcase and no baby to highlight Baby Archie had allegedly been left behind in Canada -- where the couple had spent six weeks over Christmas -- with his nanny.

The Metro dedicated the entire top half of its homepage to numerous stories on the Royals against a black backdrop of impending doom.

But within that, there was analysis, support for the move as well as a summary of the couple's current financial position.

While the British tabloids revelled in the moment, it was perhaps the Yanks who did it best.

Superimposing Harry and Meghan's faces onto a couple sitting on a floral couch, smoking and drinking an American beer.

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