Brekky Wrap: Authorities Seize 'Baby' Bursting With Contraband

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Ugandan authorities have arrested a person attempting to smuggle banned cosmetics across the border by passing them off as a baby. 

According to a Tweet from Uganda's customs commissioner, Dicksons Kateshumbwa, the bogus baby was seized on board a bus at the border of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Countless banned skin-lightening products make their way into Uganda every year, mostly along this border, the BBC reports.

"Intercepted ‘baby’ aboard a Bus from DRC at Mpondwe Border Post..turns out the ‘baby’ is a dummy containing banned Cosmetics! Some Smugglers never cease to amuse," Kateshumbwa said in his Tweet.

Banned cosmetics don't often come in bulk deliveries and are often hidden in sacks of green bananas or plastic jerry cans with false bottoms.

Skin-lightening creams were banned in Uganda in 2016 because they contain mercury and hydroquinone, which may have damaging health side-effects.

BoM's annual climate statement for 2019 paints a dire picture for Australia, with the report indicating that last year was the hottest and driest on record.

Dr Karl Braganza, head of climate monitoring at the BoM, said our climate is warming and that heatwaves and fires are becoming more extreme.

"That information really is going through to those responsible for managing climate risk," he added.

Last year's weather is a key factor in the severity of the current bushfire season with much of the country also impacted by drought. The national average rainfall total dipped to 277mm, the lowest since consistent national records began in 1900.

It's predicted that fires will continue to devastate communities and that we're more likely to see repeats of 2019's weather.

Gina Rinehart's team has responded to comedian Celeste Barber's heckle.

Ms Barber, who has raised raised $47 million for the bushfire appeal demanded to know "where the hell are you and all your money?". She took to Twitter to say: "If you're in Hawaii on a family holiday I'm going to flip a f***ing table."

A spokesman for Mrs Rinehart said Australia's richest woman, who has a net worth of about $14 billion, prefers to give privately, according to a statement received by the Daily Mail.

The spokesman added that the mining billionaire had contributed to a collection for firefighting during a function held at her home.

Pope Francis, who last month slapped the hand of a woman who yanked him toward her, gave a light-hearted reaction more typical of his papacy.

On Wednesday when a nun asked him for a kiss, he said yes, although only after she promised not to bite him. The good-natured exchange took place at the start of Francis’ weekly general audience.

Image: Reuters

As he was walking into the large hall where thousands of people were waiting, a nun asked if he would kiss her, shouting in Italian “Bacio, Papa!” (A kiss, pope!).

Francis responded: “Oh, (but) you bite!”, prompting laughter from the people near them.

U.S. President Donald Trump said Iran appears to be "standing down" following the recent missile strike on U.S targets.

Trump added that no Americans were harmed when Iranian forces launched missiles at two bases in Iraq housing U.S forces yesterday.

"The American people should be extremely grateful and happy no Americans were harmed in last night's attack by the Iranian regime," he said from the White House," the President said.



Trump Says Iran 'Standing Down' After Missile Strikes

U.S. President Donald Trump said Iran appears to be "standing down" following the recent missile strike on U.S targets, as European and Gulf leaders urged the Iranian government to avoid escalating the conflict. 

Earlier, Iranian officials confirmed that its military had taken responsibility for the missile strike on the al-Asad airbase in Iraq.

The incident comes just days after Iranian military leader Qasem Soleimani was killed in an American strike -- an attack Iran promised "crushing revenge" in response to.

The body of a 10-year-old child has been found in the landing gear of an Air France aircraft that landed at Charles de Gaulle in Paris from Africa's Ivory Coast.

France’s national airline said an investigation was underway and confirmed that "the lifeless body of a stowaway was found in the landing gear compartment of the aircraft".

Image: Getty

Air France expressed its “deepest sympathy and compassion at this human tragedy”.

The journey from Abidjan takes about six-hours but stowaway attempts are rare and almost impossible to survive.

Three of the tennis world's most renowned players have committed to playing an exhibition match designed to raise funds for the Australian bushfires.

Rodger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams will join a host of tennis stars for the two-and-a-half hour relief match at Rod Laver Arena on January 15 ahead of this month's Australian Open.

All proceeds from ticket sales for the match titled 'AO Rally for Relief' will be donated to the relief cause. Tickets are priced at $54 for adults.

"This unprecedented bushfire crisis is devastating people, properties, communities, livestock and animals across the country and our hearts go out to all those affected," Tennis Australia CEO and tournament director Craig Tiley said in a statement.

"We felt it was vital we use all our events across the summer to make a meaningful contribution to help these people and communities rebuild their lives.

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