Bega Cat Makes Miracle Bushfire Escape

A cat who fled her human family in the panic of a bushfire evacuation has survived alone in the bush for seven nights -- returning home to her shocked and grateful owners.

In a series of posts on Reddit, the owner Ben Symonds shared the incredible story of his beloved cat 'Angel', who - remarkably - only sustained burns to her fur.

"We thought her lost when the fire consumed most of our property. Best feeling ever to walk out and see her alive," he said in the post.

Angel the cat after her seven-day ordeal in the bush. Image: Imgur

Symonds said he believed Angel survived by running down a wombat hole deep underground to avoid the deadly inferno.

"Most of the tree area where the cats ran to was so heavily burned the trees were all just ash outlines."

He said she had been to the vet and been given a thorough look over and clean up.

Angel the cat before (left) and after (right) the bushfire. Image: Imgur

"They had to trim her ears a bit and they will need multiple follow-ups but her lungs and eyes are ok, as are her feet and skin. She should make a full recovery."

She's burnt but should live. 

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"She is super happy and loving having her family back... it’s an amazing feeling after we accepted her loss. Now I just hope the other cat comes back."

Symonds said he had to quickly leave the family home in Bega Valley when a bushfire descended, which caused the cats to flee in panic.

The burnt out gully that Angel came out of. Image: Imgur
Angel enjoying some cat food after spending 7 days in the bush. Image: Reddit

"The two cats ran off into the bush when the fires came and we couldn’t find them."

They returned back home once the main firefront had passed, to find 'every inch' of his property blackened. However, the house was still standing.

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I’ll be buying a beer for any firies I meet when this is over. Can’t express how much it means to have our house saved.

"Kudos to the hard-working men and women risking life and limb to save people’s homes. True blue heroes," he said.