Brekky Wrap: Neighbours Panic After Chilling Calls For Help, Offender Was An Elderly Parrot

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Chilling calls for help coming from inside a home in Florida have turned out to be a false alarm after officers rushed to the scene only to discover the culprit was a cheeky parrot.

Officers in Palm Springs reportedly received a call from a concerned neighbour who heard someone screaming "Let me out" coming from a nearby house.

Video shared to Youtube after the incident shows officers approaching a man working on a car in the home's driveway.

He can be heard telling police he'll "bring out the screamer" before returning with a 40-year-old parrot named Rambo, leaving the officers in fits of laughter.

Rain brings some relief to fire-ravaged communities in NSW and Victoria as the weekend's damage begins to be assessed. 

Fire crews across the country will race to build containment lines around dozens of dangerous blazes that continue to burn across the nation's south-east as the weather cools over the next few days.

A firefighter tackles a bushfire south of Nowra on Sunday. Image: Getty

Showers are beginning to bring some much-needed relief for exhausted crews after a horror weekend which saw hundreds more homes destroyed, towns levelled and the nationwide death toll sadly rise to 23.

Despite milder conditions expected across NSW, Victoria and South Australia on Monday, extensive fire bans remain in place with authorities warning nobody is out of the woods yet.

Bushfire Crisis


Rain To Bring Relief To Exhausted Firies As Deadly Bushfires Decimate The Country

Rain will bring some relief to fire-ravaged communities as the newly-established National Bushfire Recovery Agency begins working with state authorities and defence efforts.

The French President and a California firefighting agency have both offered to send help in dealing with the nation's devastating bushfire crisis.

Emmanuel Macron said he spoke with Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Monday morning to offer aid in dealing with the blazes.

"I called Scott Morrison this morning to offer immediate French operational assistance to fight fires, protect affected population and preserve biodiversity," he wrote on Twitter.



French President, California Firefighters, Offer To Help Australia Deal With Bushfires

The French President and a California firefighting agency have both offered to send help in dealing with the nation's devastating bushfire crisis.

Meanwhile, an additional 21 American firefighters will touch down in Sydney on Monday morning to help our exhausted crews on the ground.

The team will include representatives from the Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, Bureau of Indian Affairs, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and U.S. Forest Service.

A mother in the US has given birth to twins born in two different decades. The twins were born 30 minutes apart, with baby Joslyn welcomed into the world at 11:37pm on December 31 2019. Her brother, Jaxon, was born at 12:07 on January 1 2020. Their parents Dawn Gilliam and Jason Tello told the US' ABC network that they were "still in shock" after the twins arrived seven weeks earlier than expected.

Victoria Police on the hunt for Opal thief who made off with a quarter of a million dollars worth of jewellery.

Detectives say the jewellery store in Melbourne's CBD was targeted by two men on Christmas Eve who attempted to use a crowbar to break into the premises but gave up after several failed attempts.

About an hour later, one of the men returned and managed to break in before ransacking the store and fleeing from the scene with opals and jewellery valued at $250,000, Victoria police said.

Victoria Police believe these two men were involved in the incident. Image: Supplied

The man who stole the opals and jewellery is believed to be of Caucasian appearance, less than 180cm tall, thin build, around 40 to 50 years old, wearing a high viz top and a distinctive wedding band.

The other man is perceived as Middle Eastern in appearance, 180cm tall, with a thin build and 40 to 50 years old.

Iraq parliament votes for US troops to be expelled as fallout worsens over killing of top Iranian general. 

Iraqi lawmakers have called for American troops to be withdrawn from the country, ending a four-year agreement with the US to allow its troops into the country to help fight Islamic State.

Hours later Iran said it was abandoning a 2015 nuclear deal with six major global powers, state media reported.

Qasem Soleimani, the head of Iran's elite Quds military Force, was killed in an airstrike in Baghdad. Image: CBS News

It comes after confirmation a US aistrike on Friday killed Iranian General Qassem Soleimani as well as other Iraqi officials at Baghdad airport.

The US has refused to back down over the attack and its unclear whether it will withdraw its troops amid threats of retaliation.

Donald Trump took to Twitter overnight, warning Iran that the US had "two trillion dollars" worth of new military equipment it would "send their way" if it attacked any Americans or American bases.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has also refused to comment on whether Australian troops will be removed from the area.

An allegedly speeding and drunk driver has killed six German tourists in a village in Italy's north. 

The group of tourists were reportedly gathered together waiting to board a bus when the driver ploughed into them. At least 11 others were also injured in the incident.

People lay candles and flowers at the location where a driver ploughed into pedestrians killing six German tourists and injuring 11 other people. Image: Getty

Locals from the area which is popular with tourists because of its nearby ski resorts, have been left stunned by the incident

In sport, Aussie Sam Kerr has kicked off her Chelsea career with a 3-1 win over Reading. 

The Matildas superstar was praised for a fantastic debut, setting up strike partner Bethany England with a brilliant backheel for Chelsea's equaliser on the stroke of halftime.

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