Celeste Barber Raises More Than $30 Million For Firies

A fundraiser for volunteer firefighters set up by Australian comedian Celeste Barber has surpassed $30 million -- and donations don't appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

Barber launched the fundraiser on Facebook on Friday, asking her 6.3 million Instagram followers, 1.7 million Facebook followers, and 63,000 Twitter follower for donations to firefighters.

Over 190,000 people from across the globe have since made donations, reaching over $30 million dollars on Sunday -- and the number continues to climb.

The staggering figure has been increasing every hour.

Sharing photos of her mother in-laws house shrouded in bushfire smoke, Barber said her family was scared and they needed help.

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Celeste Barber shared this intimate photo of her husband speaking to his mother, who is in a bushfire emergency area.

She fought back tears on Saturday morning as she woke to the sheer amount donated and thanked her followers for the donations.

Barber shared her shock and appreciation on the Facebook fundraiser page on Saturday morning. Image: Facebook

You can watch how it all unfolded -- and is still unfolding --  on her Instagram story here.

Celeste Barber reacts to the generosity of her followers on her Instagram story.

Barber also spoke to people who didn't want to donate through Facebook, providing links to other donation platforms.

And for those who don't want to donate online, she encouraged them to "find someone who looks like a firefighter and throw money at them and kiss them."

A firefighter hosing down trees and flying embers in an effort to secure nearby houses near the town of Nowra, NSW. Image: Getty
Business owner Sally Anne Wilson (left) stands in front of her destroyed shop with her partner Christopher Lee in Cobargo, NSW, Wednesday, January 1, 2020. Image: AAP
We're on fire. This is hell on earth and it's going to get worse today.

Anyone wanting to donate to this particular fundraiser can do so here.

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