Rodeo Rider Rushed To Hospital After He Is 'Impaled On The Horn Of A Bull'

A rodeo rider had a brush with death after his neck became impaled on the horn of a one-tonne bull during a competition in South Australia.

In what's been described as a freak accident, experienced bull rider Harry Lawton was injured in front of thousands of fans at the Carrieton Rodeo, one of South Australia's biggest night rodeo events.

A SA Ambulance Service spokeswoman said the 25-year-old was rushed to Port Augusta Hospital after being impaled in the neck by a bull horn.

He is recovering in hospital in a stable condition.

"Every rider that competes in rodeo knows it's a high-risk sport, they understand the risk," Carrieton Rodeo Committee President Daniel Williams told 10daily.

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Williams claimed Lawton had not been impaled by the bull's horn, but rather the one-tonne animal had stomped on the back of his neck after he had been 'hung up' on his rope.

Bull riders use a rope attached to the saddle of a bucking bull to cling on and can be 'hung up' or caught on the rope when they are bucked off.

"When a rider is hung up on the rope, your hand is still caught, you're still attached to the bull which is bucking, you can get caught under its legs and get hurt," Williams said.

10 daily understands Lawton will be released from hospital tomorrow.

Carrieton Rodeo is an annual event attracting around 3,000 spectators each year.

"It's a great community event. We're in drought, and this event puts much-needed funds into the local community. We love it," Williams said.