Woman Loses 34 Demerit Points In One Go During Nightmare Traffic Stop

A woman has lost a whopping 34 demerit points in one go after police pulled her over in Katoomba on Friday. 

Police on motorcycles allegedly spotted the woman using her mobile as she went through a roundabout in the town's main street about 2 pm.

After she was pulled over, officers allege they noticed none of her passengers -- three children and a man -- were wearing seatbelts.

The woman was given five penalty notices, one for using her phone and one for each unrestrained passenger, which equated to $1793 in fines and 34 demerit points.

Double demerits came into force on December 20, and will continue until midnight on New Year's Day.



The Double Demerit Dates You Need To Know For Christmas

If you're planning on cruising around NSW, the ACT or Western Australia during the Christmas and New Year period, be warned -- it's double demerits time.

In the first eight days, police have handed down 7,439 speeding tickets, and delivered 314,852 breath tests.

There have been 559 major crashes and seven fatalities.

Traffic and Highway Patrol Command’s Assistant Commissioner, Michael Corboy, said there had been a staggering amount of drivers caught behind the wheels with a suspended license -- despite the high visibility operation.

"If these drivers have a record sufficiently serious that the court has disqualified them from driving, some for extended periods of time, then these drivers should show responsibility, respect the court decision and abide by their ruling," he said.