Kylie Minogue Invites Her British 'Mates' To Visit Australia In New Tourism Campaign

The three-minute ad premiered on British TV as millions tuned in for the Queen's annual Christmas address.

The Australian pop icon was enlisted by Tourism Australia to sing "Matesong", a new track written to entice Brits to come Down Under for a holiday.

Helping Minogue deliver the tribute is comedian Adam Hills, sporting legends Shane Warne, Ash Barty and Ian Thorpe, plus a host of homegrown celebrities like the Aboriginal Comedy Allstars and model twins Zac and Jordan Stenmark.

"I'm such a proud Australian that I've spent most of my life travelling around the world sharing my stories of Australia with anyone who would listen, so I kind of feel like a walking tourism advert for Australia already," Minogue said.

Image: Tourism Australia

The commercial features Minogue alluding to the divide in British politics caused by Brexit and inviting the audience to “call on your friends in Australia”.

The jingle features original lyrics written by Australian singer-songwriter, Eddie Perfect.

"Glorious United Kingdom / Lean on your wingmen and women / We’ll clear your head / Have a sausage in bread / We’ll go to the beach / Then we’ll tuck you in bed," Minogue sings.



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The three-minute advert was filmed against a backdrop of iconic Australian locations, including Rottnest Island, Byron Bay and Sydney's dazzling beaches.

According to Tourism Australia, the U.K. is the fourth largest source of tourists to Australia, with more than 700,000 British visitors landing in the past year. They stayed an average of 32 nights in the country and spent almost $5000.

"January in the northern hemisphere winter is a time when many Brits are thinking about an overseas holiday," Tourism Australia Managing Director Phillipa Harrison said.

"This is the perfect opportunity to engage with a captive audience and remind them why they should make that next trip Australia."