It's Happening Again: Man On A Swing Divides The Internet

First it was 'the dress' that left everyone shook and then it was the debate of 'Yanny and Laurel'.

Now a video of a man on a swing has divided the internet, with nobody quite able to work out which way he is swinging.

The video that sparked the debate was posted on Tik Tok, with thousands going back and forth trying to figure out if the man is flying towards the camera, or away.

The argument spread to Twitter, where some users even drew diagrams to try and prove their point.

Some viewers insist the man is facing the camera while others argue he is facing the building.

"How tf are people seeing him facing the building? His feet and legs are on the front, his arms are seen from the front, his face as well, you can see his hood behind his head. What the heck? There is only one answer, why are there even two options!" One user said.

"Clearly facing camera", another added.

So, is he facing the building or the camera?



Please Help Us, Is This Voice Saying "Yanny" Or "Laurel"?

Get ready for "the dress" 2.0.

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