Christmas-Themed Climate Protests Cause Chaos In Sydney's CBD

'Elves' and 'reindeer' have descended on Sydney's CBD, gluing themselves to busy streets causing peak-hour chaos.

Rescue crews and police armed with acetone were called to Pitt Street and Martin Place just before 7.30 this morning in a bid to removed the demonstrators.

Dozens of festive activists were seen lying on the ground,  surrounded by cardboard cutouts of flames.

Image: Twitter via CamTheKiwi

A number of people were arrested at the scene, including one dressed as Prime Minister Scott Morrison in a Santa outfit.

Police were forced to use bolt cutters to remove the bold headpiece.

Officers are yet to confirm how many arrests were made, but it's understood there were at least six.

Image: Extinction Rebellion

The chaos forced Pitt street to close right in the middle of Friday's morning rush.

The biggest interruption was the makeshift Santa sleigh, pulled by a group of protestors in reindeer outfits.

Image: Twitter via Nani

The novelty ride, with "coal slays life" printed on the side, was seen surrounded by mounds of coal.

Workers were forced to sweep up the mess as some protestors stood by and watched.

In a bid to appease frustrated pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers, the group handed out notes, apologising for the disruption.

"So Extinction Rebellion has dumped coal on Pitt St at the bottom of Martin Place. But they're very polite about it," one pedestrian, David Skapinker posted to Twitter.

Image: David Skapinker via Twitter

Pitt Street was finally cleared and reopened just after 9 am

In a media release issued ahead of the protest, activists warned they would deliver Sydney a  Christmas Miracle -- "Santa Scott Morrison will land in the middle of bustling traffic with a dramatic sleigh, elves, mass die-in and swarm of concerned citizens".

"The Prime Minister thinks Australian people only deserve coal this Christmas with no concern for protecting any future Christmas or the planet," they said.

Image: Twitter via David Skapinker

"Communities across Australia are being devastated by catastrophic bushfires, our emergency services workers are bearing the brunt of the work, towns are running out of water, farmers are seeing their livelihoods destroyed, and our cities are clogged with toxic, unbreathable smoke.

"Australian climate policies are ranked last in the world. It's time to quit our addiction to coal and give Australians hope this Christmas".

The protest comes a week after thousands of demonstrators marched from Town Hall to Hyde Park demanding stronger climate action as the bushfire emergency continues.