Adorable Video Shows Penguins Playing On A Jumping Castle

Penguins at Melbourne Zoo have been given an early Christmas present, and footage of them enjoying it will melt your heart.

The adorable group was given a jumping castle this week, which zookeepers say will keep their bodies and minds healthy.

Footage of the Little Penguins showed the animals climbing on the structure, which features three tiers and two tunnels for them to explore.

While they were initially cautious of the jumping castle at first, it wasn't long until the penguins decided it was their favourite section.

Penguins explore their new playground at Melbourne Zoo. Image: Melbourne Zoo

Melbourne Zoo Wild Sea keeper Elizabeth Liddicoat, who designed the new play area, said it would encourage natural behaviours in the animals.

“Penguins are really inquisitive animals and they like to explore things, so this provides them with something new to discover,” she said.

“The jumping castle encourages the penguins to use their senses, to climb, to exercise, and provides them with an activity that makes them think about what they want to do.”

Penguins waddle through their news inflatable tunnel. Image: Melbourne Zoo
Penguins jump on custom-made jumping castle. Image: Melbourne Zoo

Keepers will put out the structure once every week or two, to ensure the penguins don't get bored with their new toy.

Melbourne Zoo is home to 30 Little penguins and two Fiordland penguins.

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