Brekky Wrap: Morgue Worker Caught In Disturbing Act With Girl's Corpse

All the news you need to know this Wednesday.

A morgue worker has been caught having sex with a girl's corpse in Brazil.

The man, 52-year-old Wanderley dos Santos Silva, was caught in the act by police as he allegedly had sex with a minor's corpse in the presence of a colleague.

Local media reports Silva was intoxicated when he engaged in the alleged act. It's believed he'd had a few drinks following his football team's win. It's unclear if he is in custody.

December heat records are expected to tumble today as a heatwave sweeps the nation. A four-day total fire ban is now in place across New South Wales, as 103 bushfires continue to burn.

Temperatures will climb from today in South Australia and could reach 48 degrees in Port Augusta on Friday. It will be hottest in New South Wales and Victoria on Saturday.



Four-Day Total Fire Ban In Place As Heatwave Hits NSW

A four day statewide total fire ban is in place as NSW suffers through a heatwave and firefighters work around the clock to contain bushfires before the worst of the heat hits.

About 3,300 people have been caught using their mobile phones while driving by phone detection cameras.

The cameras were rolled out across New South Wales at the beginning of the month, with Sydney Harbour Bridge revealed as a phone use hotspot.

People caught using their phones will be fined from March, with a three month grace period currently in place.

Sixty percent of people who accessed homeless services in the last year were women. A new survey released today shows women were fleeing domestic and family violence when they accessed the services.

For men, the biggest issue driving them into homelessness was housing affordability.

The Claremont Serial killings trial has been adjourned until the new year. The judge-alone trial has heard from more than 100 witnesses and will resume in Perth in January to hear forensic evidence.

Accused killer, Bradley Robert Edwards, denies killing Sarah Spiers, Jane Rimmer and Ciara Glennon in the late 1990s.

Bradley Robert Edwards maintains he is not the Claremont serial killer. Image: AAP

Pope Francis has scrapped a rule preventing clergy members from reporting child sex abuse. The ‘pontifical secrecy’ law meant priests were obliged to keep secret reports of sex abuse they heard during confession.

It was made mandatory for priests to report confessions of child sexual abuse in Australia just last month.



Pope Francis Ends Rule That Keeps Confessions Of Child Sexual Abuse Secret

Pope Francis has announced sweeping changes to the way the Roman Catholic Church deals with cases of sexual abuse of minors, abolishing the rule of "pontifical secrecy" that previously covered them.

Sydney Thunder defeated Brisbane Heat by 29-runs in the Big Bash League season opener last night. A half-century by Thunder captain Callum Ferguson led them to the win. Heat will look to bounce back when they host Melbourne Stars on the Gold Coast tonight.

Silver Ferns star Maria Folau has called it quits on her netball career at the age of 32.

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