Shocking Footage Shows Carriage Driver 'Kick and Swear At His Horse' After It Falls

A Melbourne carriage driver has been slammed after shocking footage showed him appearing to kick his horse and tell it off after the animal fell down on the road. 

Krista Knight said she was with her husband on Monday when the horse, named Tuesday, went down near the Botanic Gardens.

She filmed as the carriage driver appeared to kick the horse and tell it to "get up, f***ing lazy b****".

The animal tried but was not able to right itself, further infuriating the driver and shocking passers-by who had stopped to watch.

After the driver called his horse "lazy", Knight told him off and suggested he call the fire department for help.

A horse is seen collapsed on the ground in the Melbourne CBD. Image: Facebook

"People like you p*** us off - p*** off," he told her in response.

As the driver continued to try and get the horse up, continuing to appear to kick it and tell it off, Knight's voice became more distressed.

She shared the horrifying footage to Facebook, where she praised onlookers for trying to help and slammed the driver for his behaviour.

"Kicking a horse is not okay," she wrote.

"The carriage driver was abusive to civilians and also this beautiful mare, causing her to thrash and bleed from the mouth," she alleged.

"Just needed to keep the horse calm until it could be unhitched. Once standing he immediately attached her again to the carriage and continued on the ride, no water, no checking legs nothing.

"We need a protocol for this situation not abuse."

The driver's employer, Dean Chrichton, told 7News his driver's alleged actions were 'out of character', but claimed he had been under stress at the time, particularly in his interactions with the onlookers.

"I don't condone his language but at times like that, help is better than negative comments," he said.

Tuesday was left with no lasting injury.