Sproutrageous: Fears For Christmas Dinner As Truck Loses Load Of Brussels Sprouts

Christmas may not be that jolly this season after a truckload of brussels sprouts headed for dining tables filled the road in Rosyth, Scotland.

South West Fife Police (SWFP) were called to the scene where they were confronted by mountains of green veggies rolling along the street.

Police have apologised in a post on social media for any inconvenience caused and urged drivers to avoid the area.

Image: STV

"Traffic and Christmas dinners may be affected. Apologies for any delays". SWFP said.

Workers used shovels to scoop up the mess, which caused the road to be closed for several hours.

Social media users couldn't resist the urge to make a sprout pun, with dozens flocking to have their say.

"Just passed it. Hope everyone involved is okay. Shame about the sprouts though!!!" One user wrote.

‘Sproutrageous driving’. One added.

"Five second rule. Scoop them back in the trailer". Another user commented.



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According to reports, no one was injured during the accident - except for a few Christmas dinners.

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