'Considerate Thieves' Get Old Man Glass Of Water While Robbing Him

‘What the hell are you doing here?’ was John Smit’s reaction when he saw two crooks in balaclavas in his Baulkham Hills kitchen in Sydney's northwest on Tuesday morning.

The 87 year old had woken at around 2 am to discover his power was out but realised it wasn’t a blackout when he saw the street lights still on.

His investigations led him to two men in his kitchen rifling through his wallet.

“I walked straight into them, all dressed in black and I said ‘what the hell are you doing here?’” he told reporters just hours after the home invasion.

“(One) just rushed me into the bathroom, sat me down and sat next to me and said 'we want money'."

Staying calm, Smit told them that the only money he had was in his wallet and that they had already found that, but they continued to press him for cash.

“I said 'what money I’m a pensioner, what do you expect?',” he recalled, but the thieves then went through his stuff.

They stole a watch and much of his stamp collection, before heading to the jewellery box containing his late wife’s rings.

Cramped in his bathroom, Smit begged the pair not to take her engagement ring.

Inside one of their palms was a handful of rings which they then dropped on the cupboard and left, including that one-of-a-kind piece.

Also bizarrely, while he was sitting there the pensioner told the one guarding him he was parched.

“He called out to the other fella and said 'bring a glass of water', which he did. They were what they call considerate thieves, even the police were surprised.”

Before leaving they had threatened to tie him up by his hands and feet telling Smit they would call the police on themselves so that he could then be untied.

It turns out, they thought better of that plan and simply negotiated a 15-minute head start, before John called triple zero on them.

Image: Google Maps

Tuesday morning they remained on the run, with police hopeful they will catch them after dusting Smit’s possessions for fingerprints.

It’s still unclear how the pair got into the home but John claims they must have a master key or picked the lock on the back door before exiting out the front.

Officers from The Hills Police area Command have commenced an investigation with assistance from the Dog Unit and Ryde Police Area Command.