Three In Hospital After 'Cabin Odour' Forced Priority Landing

Three people have been taken to hospital after a Sydney-bound flight was forced to make a 'priority landing' in Melbourne.

Tigerair flight TT644 was en route to Sydney from Adelaide on Thursday night when passengers began to smell an "unusual odour" in the cabin.

As a result, the plane was forced to divert, arriving safely at Melbourne Airport by 8 pm.

Six people were at the scene, three of those were taken to the Northern Hospital in a stable condition, Ambulance Victoria confirmed.

Image: Joel Carrett via AAP

“In accordance with standard operating procedures, the Captain made the decision to divert after an unusual odour was detected in the cabin," a Tigerair spokesperson said in a statement.

“The aircraft was met on arrival by emergency services as a precautionary measure, all passengers and crew disembarked the aircraft safely.

“An inspection of the aircraft by engineers revealed a mechanical issue with a small power unit onboard, but no damage to the system has been caused and the aircraft has been cleared to return to service this morning".

Tigerair confirmed that all passengers were re-accommodated on other flights and have apologised for any inconvenience caused.