25,000 Litres Of Water Stolen From Town Hit By Tough Restrictions

25,000 litres of drinking water has been stolen from a town on the NSW far north coast as the area goes into tough restrictions.

The water was allegedly stolen from a council facility on Airfield Ave, Murwillumbah between 8pm and 9pm on Monday.

Witnesses claimed that the alleged offenders arrived at the facility with a water tanker and a Toyota Hilux utility vehicle.

An investigation has been launched into the massive theft.



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The Tweed Shire Council begins Level 2 water restrictions on Friday. Image: Tweed Shire Council

Tweed/Byron Duty Officer Luke Arthurs said stealing water during this time of hardship in the state is "shocking".

The Tweed Shire Council area will begin Level Two water restrictions from Friday.



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“Here in the Tweed/Byron Police District, every catchment area and LGA are in drought -- and this kind of theft is not acceptable," he said.

“Police will continue to investigate this incident and are pleading with anyone with information to contact us."