WATCH: Hero Fishermen Save Eagle From Octopus

A group of fishermen from Quatsino, Canada, are being hailed as heroes after they saved an eagle from being eaten by an octopus.

The bald eagle escaped death in a bizarre encounter with an octopus off Canada’s West Coast.

The video was captured by workers at Mowi Canada West Fish Farm when they heard sounds of distress.

Workers spotted the eagle swoop, in an attempt to catch the octopus, but unfortunately flew right into a trap.

According to reports, the workers were initially going to let nature take its course but then decided to let the eagle live another day.

Fish farmers rescue eagle from the octopus. Image: Mowi Canada West.

"At first we just watched and we didn't know if we should interfere because, you know, it's Mother Nature," one worker said.

"They could tell the end result would be that the octopus would drown the eagle," he added.

After a few attempts, the workers eventually freed the eagle using a pole and it flew away after about 10 minutes.

The video has over 12,000 views, with many viewers applauding the rescue mission.

"My heroes way to go mahatta west", one viewer said.

"Nicely done John and the rest of the crew. Great video," another added.



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