Brekky Wrap: Quick-Thinking Man Saves Dog After Leash Gets Stuck In Elevator

All the news you need to know Thursday,

Heart-stopping footage has emerged of a man desperately trying to save a stranger's dog whose leash was caught in a lift.

Texas man Johnny Mathis is seen getting out of the lift as a woman got on without her pet, the pomeranian caught on the wrong side of the door, the leash stuck between the doors.

As the lift starts to rise, Mathis sprints to the pomeranian and frantically tries to remove the dog's collar. The leash can be seen pulling upwards, jammed in the corner of the lift doors.

Image: Johnny Mathis

Finally, he unhooks it, before the dog could be harmed, and waits for the owner to return.

"Y’all I’m shaking!!!" Mathis tweeted.

"I just saved a dog on a leash that didn’t make it onto the elevator with the owner before the door closed! I just happened to turn around as the door closed and it started to lift off the ground I got the leash off in time".

The death toll from the New Zealand volcano eruption has risen to eight. 

Friends of Coffs Harbour man Jason Griffiths released a devastating statement overnight saying he had died in hospital surrounded by loved ones.

Two of his friends remain on  White Island, where there are no signs of life.

At least one of the injured Australians has been medically evacuated home. It’s still too dangerous for authorities to access the site.

Australia’s aerial firefighting centre has been given an $11 million boost as bushfires continue to rage across parts of the country.

The funding comes after the nation’s fire chiefs called for more water bombers to tackle the blazes.

More than six people have been killed and 720 homes destroyed in NSW so far this bushfire season.

Water bomber drops its load on a bushfire in Nana Glen, near Coffs Harbour. Image: AAP

New figures reveal almost a third of big companies didn’t pay a cent of tax last financial year.

Of more than 2200 entities covered by the ATO, 710 didn’t pay any tax at all.

Many companies have claimed tax losses and concessions that often go back multiple years, reports the ABC.

A third of big companies are not paying tax. Image: AAP

Political leaders have made their final pitch to voters on the eve of the UK election.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called for a strong majority so he can finally remove Britain from the EU.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is promising a huge increase in public spending.

One of these men will be U.K. Prime Minister by the weekend. Image: Getty

Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg has been named Time magazines Person of the Year.

The 16-year-old schoolgirl sparked a global movement of climate change strikes.

She has shared the honour with climate activists around the world.



Teenage Climate Activist Greta Thunberg Named Time 'Person Of The Year'

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg has been named Time Magazine's Person of the Year for 2019.

Thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of Sydney to demand urgent action on climate change.

It came a day after thick smoke haze blanketed the city, sending air quality 11 times higher than hazardous levels.

Many of the protesters carried signs and wore facemasks, accusing the Morrison government of inaction.

Hundreds called for action on climate change and air pollution. Photo: Jenny Evans via Getty Images



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In sport, the first cricket test against New Zealand gets underway in Perth today.

It will be a scorcher, with temperatures to reach 39 degrees, 40 tomorrow and through the weekend.

The head curator is confident the pitch will hold up.



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