Experts Baffled As Hundreds Of Birds Drop Dead From The Sky

An investigation is under way after hundreds of starlings on a road in North Wales were found dead by a passer-by.

More than 200 birds were discovered with blood on their bodies in what Welsh police are describing as a mystery.

The birds were located in the town of Anglesey in the middle of the road and some in hedges, but none in the fields nearby.

Anglesey resident Hannah Stevens came across the horrifying sight as she made her way home. Reports suggest that just an hour prior, Stevens had seen the flock of birds flying.

Hundreds of birds have been found dead, sparking a mystery in North Wales. Image: NWP Rural Crime Team

According to a twitter post by the North Wales Police (NWP), some of the birds have been 'seized for testing' at The Animal and Plant Health Agency.

The NWP are still waiting on toxicology and post mortem results before releasing it to the public.



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