WATCH: Frustrated Driver Tries To Demolish Light Tower

Video has emerged of a driver ramming his car into a light tower on Tuesday in NSW.

In what appears to be a bizarre act of road rage, a driver was caught on dashcam repeatedly ramming into the light tower in NSW, as shocked motorists watched on, stuck behind the car in traffic.

After a few attempts of mowing down the tower, the driver revved the engine, sending thick black fumes into the air.

Driver caught ramming their car into a light tower. Image: Facebook/ Doug Gee

The video was posted on social media and has since gone viral, currently reaching nearly 230,000 views.

Believing it to be a speed camera, many users applauded the driver for his efforts.

"Had enough of the revenue-raising and is setting a fine example for us all," one person wrote.

"What a hero."



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Others joked about what should have been done to the tower.

"Should have just hooked it up to the tow bar if he needed it moved", another user said.

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