Thief Wearing Reindeer Slippers Assaults Woman And Steals Wheelchair

CCTV has captured the moment a man attacked a woman and attempted to steal her wheelchair from under her.

Passengers came to the woman's aid after she was attacked by a man wearing reindeer slippers on a train in Phoenix, Arizona.

Footage released by The City of Phoenix Police Department showed the woman struggling to hold on to the handrails and the attacker dumping her on the floor, before taking off.   

"Despite his reindeer slippers, this criminal was NOT spreading holiday cheer." Image: City of Phoenix Police Department.

Some bystanders rushed to the woman's aid, while another ran off train in attempt to stop the thief in his tracks.

Police said the man was arrested after thousands shared his picture on social media. He has two outstanding warrants and faces five new charges, including robbery, kidnapping and assault, according to Phoenix police.

He was still wearing the reindeer slippers when he was arrested, according to reports.



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