Brekky Wrap: Dancer Shot In Face After She Paused Performance At Wedding

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A dancer has been shot in the face while taking a breather during a performance at a wedding in Chitrakoot, India. 

Footage of the incident shows two women dancing on stage before pausing as the music stops. Seconds later a loud bang can be heard and one of the women is seen falling to the floor clutching her face.

It's understood the incident occurred on December 1, with the woman struck in the jaw. Police have been criticised for taking a week to arrest the accused.

“This belated action is thanks to media attention on the viral video,” India Today editor Shiv Aroor tweeted.

Firefighters in NSW are making the most of more favourable fire conditions ahead of another day of extreme fire danger.

There are more than 90 bushfires burning across the state, with gusty winds and temperatures in the 40s expected to hit parts of the state tomorrow.

Meanwhile, total fire bans are in place for parts of Victoria and South Australia with temperatures set to soar.

More than 2,000 koalas may have died during bushfires on the NSW north coast.

State parliament's upper house inquiry will hold an urgent hearing today to discuss the extent of damage to the koala population.

Koalas are listed as vulnerable in NSW, Queensland and the ACT largely due to habitat clearing.

It was originally thought hundreds oof koalas has died. Image: Getty



At Least 2000 Koalas Feared Dead In NSW And Queensland Bushfires

An inquiry into koala populations and habitat in NSW is expected to hear evidence that more than 2000 of the native Australian marsupials may have died on the state's north coast in recent bushfires.

A man who attacked a young girl in a dance studio bathroom in Sydney’s south is due to be sentenced today.

Anthony Sampieri was on parole when he punched and bound the 7-year-old girl before raping her in November 2018.

The 55-year-old pleaded guilty to the assault.

Anthony Sampieri. Image: ABC News.

Power prices are forecast to fall in most Australian states and territories in the next three years.

The Australian Energy Market Commission figures show the prices in south-east Queensland could fall by 20 percent, a saving of $278 each year.

While NSW prices are tipped to fall by 8 percent or $107 a year.

Bills could decrease by up to $278 a year.  Image: AAP

The final Newspoll of the year has the Coalition leading Labor 52-48 percent after preferences.

Scott Morrison remains preferred Prime Minister over Labor’s Anthony Albanese.

The poll follows the last sitting fortnight of parliament where the government was unable to get its union-busting legislation passed.

ScoMo is leading the popularity contest against Albo. Image: AAP/Lukas Coch

In sport, Matt Jones has claimed a one-stroke victory at the Australian Open.

It was his second Aus Open crown, the win also earning Jones a British Open start next year.

Matt Jones poses with the Stonehaven Cup after winning The Australian Open Golf Championship. Image: Jeremy Ng via AAP

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